How To Make Sales on Twitter

Most people use Twitter for communication and marketing purposes, but it can also be a very powerful sales tool. Business owners who are not aware of this are often reluctant to allocate funds and resources to their marketers and are really missing a great opportunity. Here are some tips and ideas for making the most of Twitter as a sales tool.

Qualify your business

Before embarking on a Twitter campaign, you need to make sure that your business is actually suited for this medium. Many businesses and industry sectors aren’t and you don’t want to waste your time if yours falls into this category. The easiest way of checking is to look and see what the competition is up to. Do they have an audience on Twitter that is discussing their products/services? If they do, there’s a good chance that you can get in on the act too.

Establish a personality

Straightforward sales tactics will not work on Twitter. You need to give people a good reason or reasons to follow your business; tweet information of interest, engage in relevant conversations and contribute to discussions before promoting your product. Blatant sales pitches are obvious to regular tweeters so you must make them understand the value of engaging with you first.

Follow only relevant industry people

Don’t just blindly follow everyone in your sector. Limit your follows to a small number of major players so that you can keep up to speed with relevant industry news and provide appropriate re-tweets. Concentrate on the smaller fish too as they are more likely to follow you in return which is important while you are building your brand.

Follow/follower ratio

Don’t get too carried away with your follows. No-one will take you seriously if you are following 500 people but only have 10 followers yourself! Building an audience will take time. It’s possible to buy Twitter followers, but this is rather farcical and undermines the whole point of the exercise which is to connect with people and have conversations with them.

Build relationships

Always respond to tweets about one of your posts. People like to be acknowledged and it’s important that you do this. Make your responses as personal as you can too; it all helps to build relationships.

Metrics and monitoring

Everyone looks out for mentions and messages, but you can take this one step further. You can use a service like TweetDeck which will enable you to set up search filters that monitor your company name, your products and your homepage URL.

Persistence and patience

It’s important to be patient and realise that, like any other sales strategy, you will have to go through the cycle of customer acquisition and this is not a quick process. Concentrate on building relationships, establishing your brand and getting yourself recognised on Twitter.

In conclusion

Twitter undoubtedly has a place in your marketing and sales strategy, but don’t expect overnight results. Be prepared to put in the time and effort and then enjoy the long-term benefits.

Alison Page

About Alison Page

Alison is a small business owner, freelance writer, author and dressage judge. She has degrees in Equine Science and Business Studies. Read her full story at http://www.theladywriter.co.uk

Alison Page

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