How To Make Sure Your Landing Page CONVERTS

A good landing page is essential if all your hard work and expenditure on a marketing campaign is to pay off. So, how do you make sure that your landing page really CONVERTS?

Here’s how.

C = Clear Call to Action

Your call to action (CTA) is vital if you want people to convert; sign up, make a purchase, try it, contact us etc. Whatever it is that you want visitors to your site to do, is what you should be asking them. Don’t distract them with lots of other stuff; keep your CTA clear and concise and always in the singular.

Make sure that your CTA is clearly displayed at least once by using an obvious button which is visually distinct and centralized. Visitors shouldn’t have to guess what they ought to click on. Employ other visuals too like arrows to draw the eye and if necessary repeat the CTA below the fold.

O = offer

The offer is anything you give to visitors in exchange for them doing what you want them to do.

The best offers draw users deeper into the conversion funnel. You might offer a nice discount off their first order, or a free consultation if appropriate to your business. Pair your offer with a deadline to give a sense of urgency and spur the visitor on to a response.

The offer should be clear but it shouldn’t distract from the CTA.

N = Narrow focus

The more choices you offer people, the longer it will take them to make a decision and some might even wander away to think about it leaving the risk that they won’t return. Make your landing page clear and simple and you are more likely to get the reaction you want.

Focus on the CTA and forget about links and other extra information until well below the fold. Your copy should be brief and to the point and the page designed to focus on what’s most important.

V = Very important attributes

Your company’s most important attributes are what you want to show your visitors on your landing page. Showcase two to five things about your product or service that will be of most importance to your visitors and feature those. Describe what you’re selling from the client’s standpoint; explain what makes you product great, what problems it could solve.

Once again, don’t allow the list of attributes to distract from the CTA. Keep fuller information below the fold. Often, pictures are better to catch people’s eye than blocks of text.

E = Effective headline

An effective headline is vital. It’s this that will grab people’s attention and persuade them to stay and read more, rather than wander away. A key point to remember here is to tell visitors in plain language exactly what your site is all about. Keep your headline explanatory and make sure that it stands out visually too, even more so than the site logo or name.

R = Resolution-savvy layout

There is still considerable variation in the quality of imagery people are viewing over their various devices. Make sure that the most essential parts of your message are in the top centre of the screen and with supporting information lower down the page. If possible, check the layout of your page at different resolutions to ensure that even those with older equipment will be able to see the headline and CTA without having to scroll.

T = Tidy Visuals

Whilst you want your visuals to be attention grabbing, you must keep them simple and not distracting. A clean design with plenty of white space works best. Big font sizes make the message easy to read and bullets break up blocks of copy making them easier to read. Videos make a big impact in a small space and can increase conversion by up to 80%. Keep in mind too that a cluttered, image-heavy page significantly slows down loading time.

S = Social Proof

People are herd creatures and prefer to do business with a company that comes recommended by others. Make sure you include wherever possible a list of your customers, testimonials, any press mentions and usage statistics. Even one or two quotes from regular clients can illustrate to site visitors that you have a following and give your enterprise more credibility.

Follow these guidelines and you will have a landing page that really CONVERTS!

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