How To Make Your TV Commercial Count

TV advertising is undoubtedly a very effective medium if you can afford it. Here’s how to make sure you get it right.

Plan your video

Planning is everything when it comes to producing a TV commercial. Your ad should tell the story of the product you’re advertising even if a viewer has their volume on mute. Don’t clutter the screen with too much information; keep it clear and simple. Customers relate to other people and are strongly influenced by their actions so include someone using your product and clearly enjoying the experience in your ad.

Writing the Script

Make sure that your script is timed to fit your ad space and use short sentences to grab your audience’s attention. Short, punchy sentences will get your message across quickly and effectively. Remember to include mention of what you’re advertising in your audio so that even if a viewer is not in the room with you, they can still hear your ad.

Match audio and video

It’s important that your script and video match. For example, if you’re talking about a new model of car, you don’t want to show video of last year’s version. Clever merging of words and pictures makes for a very powerful sales tool.

Don’t forget your call to action

Your call to action should be just that; you want viewers to act NOW. It’s vital that you don’t reach the end of the advert only to forget to include the call to action. Make sure that you include all the relevant contact information including your web address, phone number and premises address.

Stick to time

There’s no point in trying to stick a few extra seconds onto the end of the 30 second commercial slot you’ve paid for; it’ll only get edited out which probably means you’ll lose the all-important call to action. Always stick to the time you’ve paid for.

Hiring a production company

Although it’s more expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment to have your commercial professionally produced. Many TV stations have their own production companies based in-house and they’ll look after all aspects of your commercial for you but shop around and check out online reviews too before making your decision.


The placement of your ad is very important. Your slot will determine how much you’ll pay for the air time as well as who will see your ad. The same applies to the station you use. If you’re advertising luxury cosmetics for the older woman, a slot at 3am on a sports channel is clearly not going to be money well spent.


Unless you can afford to advertise during a prime time event, you need to work out the best times when your ad should run and purchase enough air time for your ad to reach your target audience at least twice, or more if possible.


Keep your commercial consistent by using the same jingle, colours and announcer. People will get to associate your company by these factors and a great, catchy jingle will stick in people’s minds, whether they want it to or not!

In conclusion

TV advertising is a really effective way to get your message across to a wide, captive audience. Spend your money wisely and bear in mind these tips to get the most from your ad.

Alison Page

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Alison Page

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How To Make Your TV Commercial Count

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