How Well Does Your Company Understand Facebook Timeline?

Facebook, one of the largest and most popular social networking sites, has made its major layout change for the third time in order to make the site and its users’ pages including brands more attractive, engaging and delightful. But how well does your company understand Facebook’s so-called Timeline?

You bet there is no single person in the planet that does not have a Facebook account, or does not know about what this social networking site is all about. Almost everyone across the globe uses Facebook to make updates about themselves and to showcase the beautiful places or events they have been to, or to connect with friends from other cities or countries. Brands, on the other hand, create their Facebook page to market and advertise.

But with this new Facebook layout, Timeline, companies should have a better understanding of such change to use it to their advantage when it comes to marketing and advertising. So what are the things brands need to know about Timeline? Here’s a list you might want to read.

  • An improved and enhanced admin dashboard – this timeline switch gives brands an uncomplicated manner of accessing their notifications such as comments, likes and shares of their brand page content; new likes from new people who have liked the page, and private direct messages. Most companies find this feature relevant because it enables admins to manage the page without hassle; since there is no need to pull up a separate page or tool to do all those set ups, changes and accessing. Another benefit is that this part of Timeline allows consumers to initiate private conversation with the brand page admins by directly sending them private messages. Fans or consumers no longer have to disclose detailed information by posting on the brand page’s wall.
  • A more content-focus approach – Facebook’s Timeline has changed not just its layout but also its approach. It has put more focus on the content rather than the apps. This is a great advantage for small businesses as they compete with large companies with huge app budgets. This content-focus approach allows small businesses to easily showcase their brands’ history enabling them to communicate to fans and consumers the changes and evolution of their company.
  • The cover photo feature – Facebook’s timeline has this new cover photo feature wherein it helps you highlight your brand page’s top content or display latest updates about your company. Through the cover photo, you have the opportunity to promote and feature the newest products or service your company offers, and/or the things you want your consumer to know. Though the cover photo is just an image, this image will be valuable as you put a detailed description and include a link to what you desire your consumer or fan to read and know. Once someone clicks on your cover photo they will be able to see likes and comments and your detailed caption, which can be useful for advertising.
  • The “pin” and “star” features – Facebook included these new interesting features in Timeline, the Pin and Star features. Timeline allows admins to “pin” a story to the top of their page as a way of featuring or promoting content, and this pinned story can be up to seven days. The other feature enables the admins to “star” the blog or content making it expand to the full width of your Timeline page which is another way of advertising your brand.

There may be a number of Facebook users who got annoyed and frustrated with the sudden layout change. But as companies and brands understand Facebook Timeline, things have become better.

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