How a Wave of Your Finger Can Control Your Android Phone


Well we have all used the swipe and unlock screen option, have we not? It seemed quite futuristic. Even in the beginning when the android phones began rolling in to the market, the swipe function existed. It was used for multiple reasons then, not only to lock the screen but also to attend or reject calls.

So wouldn’t it be fun if you could develop a device or piece of technology that worked on the principles. You could control a feature with just a wave of your finger. It would, right? There are some things that you would need to develop such a technology.

Lets suppose you are making a device that could help you control the calls that you receive on your phone, you can reject, accept or mute them. here is a list of things that you would need as a developer. First and foremost an android device, a motion controller, on{X}, Node.js, Express, jQuery and Heroku. Some essential that you absolutely must know about Node server The Node server is a server that serves or acts as a go between the android device of your choice and the web page, which will be your primary interface. It will be bestowed with the function of keeping a lookout to see if the user wants the phone silenced or not.


This is basically an android application which has a Javascript API. This will turn active the moment we get a call. It will activate the web page and we will be shown with the various options, we can then decide what we want to do with the call. The leap motion controllerThis is the primary input device that you should be using for this device. It has the innate ability to recognize the movement of your hand or fingers. To integrate in to the system you should use LeapJSAPI published by the Leap Motion. Java Script is used extensively to link pair of completely unrelated devices. You can connect the leap motion with the on{X} for the above mentioned application. Linking them both will help you connect your input gestures to the call that you receive.


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