How the Evolving Cloud Benefits Social Marketing

Social media marketing, like any business, benefit from utilizing the cloud. The trick is to think outside the box in terms of how to put the cloud to use.

How many business processes, how many content management opportunities, how much processing power can be gained by switching to cloud services? Here are some ideas.


Adaptable Business Demands

If you made a list of everything your social media marketing business needs to function right now, locked it in a safe and left it there for a year, how different would it look when you checked it again? When you buy computer infrastructure for your business, you’re locking yourself into an expensive prediction of the future.

Software and hardware need to be updated. With a cloud service base, you only have to worry about keeping the right cloud providers on call.


Automatic Disaster Recovery

It’s a fact that most businesses with their own IT infrastructure do not have a disaster recovery solution in place with sufficient capability. Some have their backups stored on site, putting them at risk in the event of a physical disaster. Some have external backups that have never been tested. Many find their systems fail too late to recover.

Using cloud infrastructure, cloud storage and cloud software puts the onus of disaster recovery on the cloud provider, who has a vested interest in making sure their recovery situation is ideal.


Automatic Hardware and Software Updates

Right now, cloud providers update their hardware to keep up with the changing needs of their customers. They update their software on a regular schedule to maintain security and fix bugs.

Putting this responsibility on the cloud provider gives the business more time to work. In the future, cloud providers will likely add additional value in their upgrades – additional software, access to better hardware and other incentives – as part of a trend to add value to attract and keep users. Of course, it’s always cheaper for a business to allow the cloud provider to worry about upgrades.

Cloud Collaboration

Collaborating through the cloud allows a social marketing business to service clients around the world without needing one central location for an IT infrastructure. Employees can log in remotely and collaborate with team members regardless of physical location or circumstance. Cloud-stored documents don’t create version iteration conflicts, for example.

A business using the cloud in place of a centralized IT department doesn’t need to sacrifice centralization. Using remote cloud storage, as suggested on this Macquarie’s page, is cheaper, more secure and more powerful than an individual business IT structure. The only possible drawback is the security of data stored on public clouds, and hybrid or private clouds solve that issue.


Competitive Enterprise Technology

The cloud is a great enabler. Before the advent of software as a service, businesses needed to pay for licenses for enterprise software. Costs scaled with size – larger businesses needed more licenses for more computers, though occasionally they received bulk enterprise discounts. Enterprise software is expensive, and it’s a major roadblock for many small and medium businesses, including most social media marketers.

Cloud services change the formula by offering infinitely scalable enterprise-grade solutions for a fraction of the cost. A small business can use the same platform, software or storage available to multinational corporations.

Small businesses pay a small fee for a smaller implementation of a platform or service. As they grow, they can easily upgrade to larger implementations of the same service. No more pay wall for enterprise software.

Some of the best available social media tracking tools today are cloud-based services. Just look at any of the dozens of tools available. Any social marketing business can find something to use.


Green Computing

Consumers are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of any business, even when that business is entirely based in the digital realms. The reality of IT is that server farms take up a significant amount of space and burn a lot of energy with their 100% uptime.

Using the cloud, where those servers can be used and maintained at peak efficiency, uses less energy than a central business infrastructure. Small businesses, such as Internet marketing firms, benefit the most – as much as a 90% cut in energy use.

Even the smallest of small businesses can take advantage of the cloud. Social media marketers can use cloud infrastructures to host and run cloud analytics and tracking suites, storing the data on cloud servers for added access and security. These days, it’s simply a smart decision to adopt the cloud.


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