How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Owning an Ecommercial site means generating traffic to your website to sell your products and services. Without traffic, your website sits idle and each day your business account remain empty with a zero balance. Who cares you have a great product to sell, if nobody can find your website, there’s nobody there to buy it. Now is the time to reconsider your business strategy and work on generating traffic to your site. Today all businesses compete for the same clients. Businesses who have succeeded are the ones that have a constant flow of traffic to their website.

7 – Steps to generate more traffic to your web site.

1. Invest in advertising with the different search engines.

Start advertising your business and website with Google and Yahoo. All large businesses advertise through the popular search engines to drive traffic to their websites. Advertising costs money, but at the same time your sales increase and your website receive more traffic. Many websites, feature Google Advertising on their website and receive money from Google.

2. Trade links with other websites in your niche.

Link trading with another site in your niche benefits both sites. Your site generates traffic for the other site while the linked site generates traffic for your site. Trading links benefits both sites because the two sites work together to generate more traffic. Trade links with as many websites in your niche to generate more traffic to your website.

3. Use virtual marketing to advertise your website.

Advertise your website through virtual marketing. Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and other virtual sites offer you a free way to promote your website. Create promotional videos and upload the videos to YouTube. Offer guest posts on your competitors’ site and attach your website link in the author box. Submit an article to Ezine and use the author box to add your website link. The Internet offers, many virtual ways to market your site for little to no money at all.

4. Search Google and Yahoo for keywords and phrases that relate to your niche.

When search engines display results the top results rank on the keywords and phrases a website uses in their content. The top ranking websites buy high-ranking keywords and phrases for their websites. Hiring a web writer to write content for your site is one way to promote your site and ranking with search engines.

5. Write high content articles that generate traffic to your website.

Write high content articles and submit the articles to other websites in your niche. Attach website description, your services, and your link in the author box. Also consider writing press releases to announce your products and services.

6. Join forums that pertain to your niche.

By joining forums and online communities within your niche helps promote your website. Participate inside the forum and show your expertise. People who belong to the forum start trusting you as an expert in your field and will come to your website. Once people know you can provide the product and services they need your traffic to your website increases.

7. Create a newsletter about your product and services.

By offering a high quality newsletter to your loyal customers gives your customers something to share with their friends. The higher the quality of information the more they share. By arousing your customers curiosity entices them to share your information with more of their friends. This in return generates more traffic to your website.


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Sarah Johnston

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