New Zealand's Marketing Strategy

With a picturesque landscape worthy of a Monet or a Rembrandt, New Zealand is embarking on a multipronged marketing campaign that’s aimed to make people do more than just click. As a matter of fact, they are actively enjoining people to get off not just their seats, but also their countries.

All across several social media websites, the country most famously known for being the shooting venue of The Lord of the Rings trilogy is doing an impressive job that’s worthy of emulation.

At a time when most first world nations are struggling with illegal migration problems, New Zealand is actively promoting the country as the best place to be on planet Earth. Personally, I think their marketing campaign has got it spot on. Because when you mention New Zealand, the first word that comes to my mind is ‘paradise’.

Leveraging its best assets

These days, the web is bombarded by multiple messages and promoting something that entails a drastic change in lifestyle is a serious challenge that must be approached through several ways. One must ask the ultimate question of “how exactly do you get somebody to desire to move from one place to another at their own cost?”

New Zealand’s social media pages leverage its most prized possession: its wonderful scenery.

  • Breathtaking pictures. There’s a reason why the producers of the Lord of the Rings chose New Zealand as the place to shoot the movie. Beyond any words, the scenery is simply awe-inspiring such that it fits the mystical aura of the movie perfectly. Chances are, any photo website or any social sharing site will have a photograph that shows New Zealand’s pristine landscape. 
  • New Zealand’s penchant for viral videos. Air New Zealand’s penchant for viral videos captivated millions through humor and references to the popular movie. It has garnered several million page views on YouTube with its sheer creative tack to otherwise mundane topics such as air flight safety.

  • Viral social media mentions. As a matter of fact, the amount of content and social media mentions pointing to New Zealand asthe number one place to be for business”, “among the least corrupt countries”, “social progress”, “top tourist destination”, “among the top places to be in” and others is simply astounding. Moreover, these mentions all come from high caliber media outfits such as Forbes, Huffington Post and others. In this case, the truth certainly plays to their advantage. In the world of Internet marketing, this is a best case scenario for organic content generation. People just love writing about New Zealand and they could find a wide dearth of content that fuels this desire. You’ve probably come across one of these “top ten listicles” and you can bet your bottom dollar that if it’s good, New Zealand could be in it.
  • Offline conventions and marketing. New Zealand’s roving international conventions are particularly well coordinated and complements their online presence. From their colorful Maori presentations to an exhibition of New Zealand’s finest wares to its job fairs, its appeal draws crowds and makes people take action.

There are many good things that could be said not just about New Zealand’s marketing push, but about the country itself. Its reputation at the moment is stellar and with full blown efforts to reconstruct Christchurch underway, you can be sure that many skilled migrants and migrant workers would be going there soon.

If there’s anything that could be learned from this is that the best marketing campaign is an organic one pursued by people who are passionate about the product. With New Zealand, there’s so many good things to be passionate about.


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New Zealand's Marketing Strategy

With a picturesque landscape worthy of a Monet or a Rembrandt, New Zealand is embarking on a multipronged marketing campaign that’s aimed to make people do more than just click. As a matter of fact, they are actively enjoining people to get off not just their seats, but also their countries.A ... ...

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