How to Write Technical Web Content that isn’t Boring

Quality online content is becoming more and more important (as is incorporation search engine optimization). You don’t get a free pass just because your subject is “boring,” it’s dry, the audience will understand industry jargon or because nobody really reads the descriptions anyway. As more businesses are finding out, the quality of the content is crucial not just in engaging consumers, but also in getting ranked higher up in search engine results. If your content isn’t good, you’ll be outcast to the dregs of Google searches and nobody will ever find your website.

However, just because you know that your content needs to be “good” doesn’t mean it’s easy to do. For example, if you need to create content about CPAP machines, descriptions for a variety of glucose monitors or you’re summarizing a jargon-filled study, how can you possible make it exciting? A skilled web writer with SEO qualifications can do it, but here are a few tips on how to improve it yourself.

1. Ditch the passive voice

If you personally have a medical background this can be a challenge because passive voice is the go-to approach in medical school as well as when you’re publishing. However, an active voice is best with most web content, plus it also helps with brevity. Don’t use any more words than necessary, and remember that active voice displays confidence.

2. Write like you’re talking to your audience

People use stuffy words and filler in writing because they think it makes them sound professional. However, people want to read things that mimic how they talk. Instead of saying, “Some researchers show that the (insert long, jargon-filled title here) oxygen tank may aid in the independence of its users,” try “A portable oxygen tank like the (shorten title) can give you more independence.” Short, sweet, and you’re not falling asleep by the time you hit the period.

3. Love white space

For the most part, landing page content shouldn’t be longer than 600 words. Break up the text into mini paragraphs, and leave plenty of white space. People who stumble across a block of text will likely move on or skim over it, possibly missing important information.

4. Get an editor

No matter who the writer is, they shouldn’t be the last person to approve a piece. A skilled editor has a trained eye and can see things that the writer can’t.

If you really want to maximize your medical writing, use a pro and avoid the headaches.

Larry Alton

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Larry Alton

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