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Inbound marketing is a broad term covering activity that attracts visitors who may be actively searching for information regarding a service, industry or product. It’s really important to target your inbound marketing strategy effectively and here are some tips to help you do so.

Establish goals

This might sound obvious but it’s amazing how many people don’t do it. Establish what you want to achieve over a 12 month period based on key metrics that are specifically tied to success. Then devise a clear and realistic month-by-month strategy based on the numbers you need to achieve to reach your goal.

Keep your goals realistic without making them too easy to attain. Goals which aren’t ambitious are merely expected outcomes.

Break it down

Don’t rush ahead and try to fix everything all at once within the shortest timescales possible. You will only lose focus and end up achieving nothing. Concentrate on the most important KPI; the one that is the most influential on achieving your goals. A good strategy is to divide your project plan into month long segments and work towards one key stage during each of these periods, analysing metrics and results as you go.

This approach will obviously take longer but will mean that you get the best results and a really clear direction on how to measure your success.

Recurring tasks

Don’t forget to schedule in time for recurring tasks which need to be completed each month en route to your goals. Such items may include newsletters, blogging, social media etc. Prioritise these tasks within your monthly plan and budget your available time accordingly.

Keep focus and set up a pending tray

Staying focused is crucial if your strategy is to be successful but sometimes a really good idea will occur to you and it’s important not to lose this. Create a list of pending ideas and put them in order of priority. That way you maintain your focus and direction for that month’s item without losing useful ideas that can later be incorporated into your overall strategy.

Long-term vision, short term game plan

When you devise your inbound marketing strategy, it’s important that you have a clear vision of where you want to end up in the long-term, although this goal will require a degree of flexibility as regards timescales and you will need to update it on a regular basis.

Within your long-term strategy will be short-term game plans, the planning of which should take place on a month-by-month basis. This allows you to remain flexible and able to easily incorporate a smooth change of direction when required.

Every marketing strategy is different depending on the type of business, budget etc but the same basic principles of planning apply. All plans will evolve as they progress and you will find better and more efficient ways of going about various aspects of your strategy. Keep a diary as you go and make notes of what works best for your own particular business.

This will eventually form a company marketing strategy bible which you use as a source of reference during future campaigns.




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