Inbound Marketing With Google Plus

Google Plus simplifies your business social networking and provides a good platform for Internet marketing. Google Plus integrates your online social services with Google Profiles, Google Buzz, Circle, Hangouts, and Sparks. The Circle allows your company to organize contacts into groups. This feature promotes sharing various types of information for your different individual groups. Anyone can view your content while keeping your contact list exclusive and private.

The hangout feature is another feature designed to use group video chat. The application limits only allow 10 people to chat at any given time. If your company has a unique URL Google has an allowance allowing you to others to join in. With mobile hangouts, hangouts on air, and hangouts with extras your company reaches a larger targeted market.

Your employees have unlimited messaging within your circle using their android, iPhones, and SMS. Using instant messages your employees can reach potential clients anywhere sending them important information your client has sought.

Advantage of Google Plus:

  1. Keeping track of your employees within your company and seeing what their contributions to your company are. The Google Plus Tool creates and preserves relevant information for your company to track the progress of your employees’ contributions.
  2. Using the “circle” tool allows you to circulate information to the participants within a particular project. Google tool track progress, streamlines tasks, and communicates update information to project leaders.
  3. The “1+” button on your site helps influence the search results and brings more visitors to your site. Using “1+” for articles, blog posts and web content bring more visitors to your site.
  4. Your profile page will direct traffic to your business platform and create revenue for your company.
  5. Your business can build social circles that attract people with the same interests. Building multiple social services attract more clients to your business. Offering popular and interesting item that benefit your members also attracts new members to your circle.
  6. Using Google hangout tool allows personalized communication with your customer and gives them a chance to see the face behind the product.
  7. When introducing a new product invite your clients to the hangout. The new product receives targeted clients and good exposure.
  8. Use Google hangout to show products and invite people in your circle to the demonstration. Your company attracts a live audience that interacts in the product presentation.
  9. Use Google hangout for company meeting and training sessions. Your employees will enjoy the atmosphere and share more willing in the meeting or training session.
  10. Google Tools allows your business to add friends and business contacts to your individual email lists. Drag the contacts list into your correspondent circle to begin the connection. When your company hosts an event at the hangout invite targeted individuals through email using your correspondent circle.
Julie Sinclair

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Julie is a retired teacher who enjoys Internet research. She has helped friends create blog sites and websites. She enjoys learning about the Internet and the latest technology.

Julie Sinclair

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