Inbound Marketing with the Right Funnels

Funnels have been operating as one of the most popular and effective sales strategies for decades. Breaking the sales process down into several steps, and covering the entire distance between the funnel’s wide and narrow end help salespersons to target potential customers more effectively, which eventually results in rapid growth in sales.

The past decade has seen sales efforts of most businesses getting replaced by inbound marketing. Today, companies instead of applying their sales force to search through leads and make them undergo all the steps of a funnel, are using their resources to build and preserve a system capable of accommodating multiple inbound web traffic streams and converting them into customers in due course.

Read through the discussion below to learn how funnels should be used in inbound marketing.

The Mouth: Capture Maximum Attention

It’s the widest part of any funnel, and as a result it requires the highest number of leads to function perfectly. When in the mouth of the funnel, you should put in your best efforts to reach a maximum number of potential customers.

The process of making yourself or your company visible on the web is pretty straightforward however, you cannot expect to see quick results. If you are just breaking into the online scene, you may need to wait for months.

The majority of the inbound marketers have already started using three key strategies for increasing the number of visitors and prospective leads, content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing.

Content marketing will help you reach a maximum number of potential customers and making your place stronger in all the top search engines. With SEO or search engine optimization, you’ll be able to optimize your business' website for different topic and industry-specific keywords. With social media marketing, on the other hand, you will be able to develop a strong and hefty network of fans and followers who will regularly visit your website and read its content.

Never try to sort the leads when you are still in the broad mouth of the funnel; just keeping an eye on the key demographics will be enough.

The Middle: Filter the Relevant Visitors

When in the middle of the funnel, you’ll have to sort through the initial sets of leads and filter some less-relevant visitors out. To complete this step successfully, you must be systematic and attentive.

Unlike the previous step, this step will not need you to focus on volume. The higher priority will be your efficiency in filtering the unwanted visitors, the greater will be the efficacy of the funnel’s middle.

The End: Appeal to the Interested Leads

In this step, you will have to introduce the sorted leads to a product or service that might interest them. To make this step successful, you must make sure that the funnel’s end is appealing enough. In other words, the leads must find the products and/or services you are selling compelling.

The above section hopefully helped you to comprehend how funnel strategy works in inbound marketing. Use the knowledge to make your company’s customer base bigger.

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