It’s All In The Name! How To Choose the Right Domain Name For Your Business

If your domain were a person and it walked up to someone at a party or function to introduce itself, what would happen? Would its name be instantly forgotten, difficult to remember? Or would it be something that makes the person smile, nod enthusiastically and immediately intrigued to find out more about it? Your domain name can be just as important as your business one: when people come across it, you want them them to be interested enough to add your website to their bookmarks.

  • Please, Make it Typing-Friendly

Too many domain names are complicated. You don’t want people to battle when typing it out as this will put them off visiting your website. Avoid slang, strange spelling of words or anything that tries to be too clever. Keep it short and simple!

  • Add Keywords

Some keywords that describe what services you offer can be highly valuable to your domain name. How to find the right keywords? Think about what terms people will enter into their internet search when looking up the products/services that you offer. So if they will search for vegan foods, your domain name should try to incorporate these words. Keywords also enable your rank on search engines to improve, which means more traffic will be coming your way.

  • Lose the Maths

Although numbers might seem fun, they don’t have a good place in domain names because they make them more complicated. People might not understand if the number 3 is numerical or not when typed out in your domain name, for instance, which makes it less user-friendly.

  • Make it Memorable

Although your domain name is short, sweet and easy to remember, you can still be creative with it. Remember that people want something that is catchy and fresh, not the usual things that they see out there. A unique name will also help you build the image of your business because it sets it apart from everyone else.





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