Landing Pages Myths Busted

Landing pages represents one of online marketers’ obsessions. Whether you will be talking to a search engine optimization specialist or to an affiliate manager, you will soon learn how important landing pages are for them. All webmasters try to understand how visitors get to their websites, which are the keywords they use in search, and which links they click on. As Google is no longer providing them with keywords information, landing pages have become an essential parameter for those who want to measure a website’s organic performance.

Despite the obvious value landing pages have for web marketers, there is still no consensus regarding their design, content or amount. Here are a few landing pages myths you should not fall for:

A website only needs one or two landing pages

Wrong! The more landing pages a website has, the more traffic it gets. The higher the traffic flow, the more chances to sell or to boost your advertising income. Supposing you are running an online retail business, you will want all your product pages to perform well in search. Every time internet users click on your product image or description and land on your website, you have new potential customers.

Shorter is better

There is no such rule in internet marketing. Actually, if you are relying on Google for traffic, you might want to add a fair amount of text to those pages in order to get better rankings. Sometimes a picture is enough to turn a visitor into a customer, but there are also those who need to be persuaded. It all depends on the business field and the types of potential customers you are dealing with. If you are unsure, do some A/B testing!

Conversion elements should be places above the fold

Most internet marketers seem to agree with this idea. However, there are also marketing studies showing that the position of conversion elements has nothing to do with the rate of conversion. These studies support the idea that it is all about your marketing arguments, your compelling text, and your products’ appeal.

Trust signals sell better

Well, this might be true in some cases, but not all the time! There are those clients who will be persuaded by trust signals like money back guarantee, but there also those for whom the product’s original design or the website’s ease of use are much more important. This is another example where A/B testing is the best option you have to get to know your market and your customers.


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