Learn From Lady Gaga, Lift Your Brand

Singer, songwriter, producer and actress – these are what Lady Gaga is known for. Her vocal abilities have captured the heart of many. But there’s something else we can learn from Lady Gaga which is not related to music, it’s about marketing and lifting your brand.

Lady Gaga is not just someone who performs on stage and then leaves the audience after the concert. She is a person who does not take the people around her for granted. She does not see her fans as her source of income. To her, they are more than just fans, but people who love and support her, and she is genuinely appreciative of everything they do for her.

In return, she spends time with them, communicate with them and share experiences with them. Lady Gaga and her fans even created a community wherein they share the same or common interests and like-mindedness, and everything they have are real and authentic. To her, it is one way of showing how grateful she is for these people, and she wants to stay connected to them because, after all, they are part of her success.

Gaga’s community of fans, which she adorably calls “little monsters”, is a great example of how a community can be created and built to do lots of amazing stuffs. And her authentic attitude towards this community, along with constant communication and numerous shared experiences is what keeps them together.

You may be asking how you can learn from Lady Gaga when it comes to lifting brands or direct-to-consumer marketing. Well, it boils down to community and authenticity.

The community she created with her fans, and her authentic appreciation and bonding with them, is something that can be applied to marketing. Brands should know and understand the community they serve and should authentically embrace and engage in it continuously.

Every brand must realize what the community has in common, or the same interests they share, and then engage and take part in it, in order to attract people or devotees. Here is a list of what brands can learn from Lady Gaga.

  • Target and focus on like-minded people – target and engage groups that share common interests instead of centering your effort or concentrating on ethnicity or gender. When you are able to give these groups a great deal of experience that relates to something they are interested or passionate about, these people will undoubtedly share it to others in their community and perhaps, make a brand movement.
  • Vulnerability – Lady Gaga and her fans share a sense of vulnerability in their community, which means being honest and open to who they really are, creating a tight-knit bond. If brands adopt this kind sense of vulnerability, they will be able to attract people and other strong devotees.
  • Treat them like a boss – Lady Gaga may be the star, but she humbles herself and does things for her fans that make them the star. Brands should be able to do the same, treating their consumers like a boss – putting them first and making their wishes come true their mission. In this way, they will gather around you and create a strong and powerful community with you.
  • Become a better brand/company via the community – Lady Gaga believed she is a great singer and performer because of her fans. Brands or companies should think the same. They should aim to become better because of their consumers.

Some may find Lady Gaga a bit weird, but to the people in her community, she is somebody they cannot live without. And to marketers, she is someone whom they can learn in lifting brands.

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