Marketing Your Product In 2 Steps

Business use postcards, promoting their products and service. Postcards create leads for your company and attract new customers. When using postcard be direct, to the point and use as little words as possible. Long postcards filled with information and hard to read will never attract a client, to phone your business. Using postcard with fewer than 32 words creates more leads for your company.

What is 2-step selling?

  1. Step 1: Postcards produce leads for your business when the person calls your phone number on the postcard.
  2. Step 2: Provide the information the caller requests Make your caller feel confident and comfortable when answering his questions. Always end the phone conversations by asking your client, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”.

What is good about the second step?

When the person contacts your company it is easier to create interest and leads by answering his questions. The person who called benefits from having all of his questions answered. His interests increase and 40% of the time will buy your product.

In the second step of the process you are not asking the person to part with his money. You are there only to create a lead and help the caller understand your company and products. By using postcards it is an inexpensive way to promote your product to targeted prospects and customers. Postcards create inquiries about your products and services and leads for your company. With the leads, postcards make your sales teams can contact the client and covert the lead into a sale.

The two-step process helps you to create a list of people who were interested in your product and called your company. With the information collected you can now contact the people who didn’t buy. Now you can try selling your product to these people.

The effective use of postcards:

The purpose of your postcards is to produce leads for your business. The theory behind the 2-Step Marketing Process is to produce more leads for your company. On the first contact collect the caller’s information. The first call collects information, supplies information, and does not sell. People who have called are interested in your offer. If they do not buy after having their questions answered follow up with them.

When using postcard marketing your message needs 3 parts:

  1. A clear statement about what benefits your product or services have.
  2. A reason for the person to call your company.
  3. A simple way for the person to call your company.

Give your prospects a reason to call your company. Make your messages short and to the point. Keeping your message short produces more leads than long messages. In your message, create curiosity and you strike an interest in the person who read your postcard. The postcard lead generator works and produces large numbers of inquires for your business. Do your research and send the postcards to the proper market.

Julie Sinclair

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Julie is a retired teacher who enjoys Internet research. She has helped friends create blog sites and websites. She enjoys learning about the Internet and the latest technology.

Julie Sinclair

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