Methods Of Promoting Your Blog Post And Gaining More Clicks

So you’ve written a new blog post and now you’re just waiting for people to see it. The problem is that you’re waiting and waiting and yet getting little to no views of the post. If this is the case for your posts it would be well worth considering promoting your blog. There are a number of different methods you can use to do this, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Using social media

Using social media services like Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog posts is perhaps one of the easiest methods to create awareness. However it is also only as effective if you have a friend list that is fairly large and even then you will only be spreading the blog around your social circle, who may not be interested in its content.

Still, the larger your friend list the more possibility that you can direct at least a few eyes to the blog. With any luck a little bit of word of mouth from visitors will start to see even more people begin to visit.

Pay per click

We have all heard of pay per click adverts as being something used by companies to promote their products and websites. Google Adwords and Facebook adverts are fairly prominent nowadays and there is no reason at all why you shouldn’t be able to use them to your advantage in an effort to promote your blog.

Perhaps the most important point to consider here is what type of group you are looking to target. Facebook adverts are excellent for targeting specific age groups in locations of your choice, which could be god if your blog is related to local news for example. Google Adwords is based around keywords and is best used if you’re looking to attract a wider variety of people who may be interested in a subject you write about, such as technology.

Craft a catchy title

As obvious as it may sound, if the title of your blog post doesn’t catch a reader’s attention then the likelihood is that they are not going to click through and read it. Be concise and witty wherever possible and be sure to convey the purpose of the post as far as you can.

Engage in the guest blog posting community

Guest blogging is the action of writing a piece of content for another person’s blog that their readers may enjoy. The advantage for you is that you should be advertised as the writer of the particular post and can make mention of the fact that you own your own blog.

Guest posting on a successful blog can raise awareness of your own, assuming the post is good enough and readers decide that they wish to see more of your work.

Post in forums

If your blog is based around a topic that has a thriving community, such as motor sports or football, it is well worth engaging that community and letting them know you are writing posts that they may be interested in. Don’t just shoehorn your blog into forums though. Get involved in the conversation and only link back to posts that are relevant.

So there you have it, a couple of tips that will help your blog receive a few more clicks. There are plenty more ideas out there so just remember that half of the work that goes into a blog is promoting it.



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