My Real World Observations Regarding Real Estate Marketing on Facebook

Hello again to my TEGO readers! For those who don't know me, my name is Daniel Garcia. I was a regular writer here and for the others on the goodblogs.com network of blogs. I used to write here just as a writer but everything I wrote then was mostly theoretical. That has changed.

Now, I'm officially a PRC, or Professional Regulation Commission, licensed real estate broker legally allowed to practice real estate services in the Philippines. So, there would be no more theoretical grasping at the clouds marketing stuff. It's time to get real.

In the Philippines

Try to imagine 5,220 newly licensed Philippine real estate brokers selling from a limited supply of housing units in a real estate market that's booming. Industry analysts point to 5.5 million housing unit demand for the next 5 years, while local construction firms and developers can only produce 500,000 on an annual basis.

On one hand, there's the old school brokers who delve on handing out flyers, rely on word of mouth connections, social linkages and basic marketing. But now, there's a new breed of brokers and the good news is they know how to use social media to their advantage. What's the bad news? Well, they've started to become "spammy".

But the curious thing is it works.

Different Markets Different Attitudes

While Internet penetration in the Philippines still falls below International standards, the phenomenon of Facebook and smart phone usage is continuously bringing the numbers up. We're at 37% which is starkly better than our regional neighbors Thailand 28.9% and Indonesia 15.8% (Source: World Bank).

You have to understand that the Philippines economically is an "Asian mirror" of the United States. Most of us talk like you, albeit with some regional accents, write like you and sometimes even think like you. You could credit that to historical colonial occupation and the establishment of Western education in the Philippines as reflected in the Philippines' foremost state university, the University of the Philippines, my alma mater.

Despite the influence, we have managed to maintain our regional cultural identity. Apparently, one of the things that are not really adversarial to our nature is the notion about "the right to privacy". Filipinos are just used to spam. Try to walk around Metro Manila and notice that everywhere you go, there are advertisements. You ride the jeep, there's an advertisement, the MRT, billboard ads, and locally broadcast TV shows are practically advertisements with stories. And telecom operators are even legally allowed via their contracts to market your mobile phone number to sell their promotions.

Therefore it comes as no surprise that when you try to market property in the Philippines via Facebook, you'll immediately get a ton of replies and inquiries. Simply post a nice spiffy looking picture. Boost it using the FB pages Boost feature and viola. Get your pen and paper or CRM software ready. I've seen people do it again and again and well, they've already made sales.

Spam will Eventually Annoy People

Like a jet plane on afterburner, eventually, that sort of marketing tactic will run out of fuel. As Filipinos get more sophisticated, they'll become more adamant about the simple joy of simply looking at their relatives' baby pictures. We're a family oriented society and very religious. Granted, that I may be wrong, there are still other ways of real estate promotion that could work on Facebook. Without resorting to posting advertisements on other people's FB page comment feeds.

I'm thinking of starting a blog network among real estate broker professionals and I'm inviting any one who's interested in the very optimistic Philippine real estate market to come and share their insights. Simply comment here or contact me via the social post you read this from.

Thank you for reading and God bless!

Daniel Andrei Garcia

About Daniel Andrei Garcia

I'm a newly minted PRC licensed real estate broker legally authorized to practice real estate services here in the Philippines. I'm also a blogger and writer. Hope to hear and learn more from you!

Daniel Andrei Garcia

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