Out with the Old, in with the New: Updated SEO Tips for Your Blog

Google has been doing a lot of algorithm changes for quite some time. SEO experts are always finding new ways to cope with the constant changes, scrapping the “old school” ways of SEO.

With the recent updates, there have been a lot of changes on how we increase our rankings. The algorithm update has focused on quality rather than quantity. Penguin also penalized sites that were over optimized. This paves the way for white hat techniques that only a few are practicing.

There are several bloggers who are not really familiar with the algorithm updates on Google. This article features updated SEO tips that can be used to help increase traffic to your website.

1. Create and post quality content.

They say that content is king. It still is. The penguin update focuses more on quality content, ranking down over-optimized sites with nothing but crap and other content irrelevant to searchers. This has become favorable for professional content writers, as they can provide the readers with great content while increasing their page rank.

Always focus your content on your readers not for the bots. Quality content that is informational and interesting makes your readers—and Google—happy. Good content increases your reader base greatly along with your ranking.

Never copy content from other websites. With or without Google policing over web content, plagiarism is punishable by law as it infringes on intellectual property rights.

2. Highlight key elements.

Always use bold, italics and underline to highlight key elements in your article. Search engines will assume that it’s a keyword. You should use this to “tell” the Google bots what your keywords are. Using them also helps your readers understand the key points of your article.

3. Let go of keyword stuffing.

Keyword stuffing is now a thing of the past—in fact, of the very distant past. Using keywords over and over again have been the practice of some old bloggers, not knowing that Google is already discarding content with more keywords than are necessary in the article.

With the Penguin update, Google crawls through keyword phrases. The search engine, smarter than ever, devalues links which use the same keyword or anchor text over and over again. Webmasters are advised to give variation to their search phrases in order to avoid a Penguin attack. Also, having too many keywords will make your article reek of spam. As a blogger, you should focus on your content rather than your keywords.

4. Build and acquire good quality backlinks.

Having link juices is not always good. You may have a ton of backlinks, but if some or most of them are of low quality, they will only drag you down. Only go for good backlinks. Aim for high PR sites as they can get you these, plus good exposure.

Guest blogging is one of the techniques that every blogger should use to build up quality links for their websites. Though having onsite content is important, it is also best to have some time to do some guest posting on other websites.

5. Take advantage of social media.

Never underestimate the power of social media. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can increase your ranking. Research has shown that getting social shares, likes and +1s can have a huge impact on your page ranking. So it may be a good idea to put social media buttons on your website.

Why Google Penguin is Good

Google Penguin may have devastated a lot of websites and SEO practitioners in its release, but this brings great news to people who have used white hat techniques all the way. SERPs are actually showing more quality content and ranking down spammy and over-optimized websites. This update has also helped SEO providers practicing white hat techniques. These techniques have been over-shadowed by black hat methods and negative SEO.

Google is encouraging people to do the ethical ways of SEO. Over time, black hats and negative SEO will be a thing of the past, making Google a safe and accurate search engine for users.

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