Pay for Attention in Branding

Establishing a brand is a long and arduous process. To be a recognized and respected brand, you need to build up your reputation, be consistent, and create good connections with customers or consumers. The biggest brands that we know today didn't just get to where they are now because of luck or mere opportunity. These companies had to withstand the test of time, bounce back from bad products, survive trying periods, deal with an ever increasing amount of competition, constantly come up with new innovations to meet demands, and many more challenges.

In order to be a recognized brand, you need one very important thing - attention. It's one thing that people are aware of a company's existence and what it does or sells. Having consumers' undivided attention so that they can truly focus and understand what a company can do for them,  turning them into potential customers is another matter.

In today's world, advertising is so common and widespread that sometimes ads can be downright annoying. You encounter billboard ads virtually everywhere. You see ads being played again and again on television. You see ads all over the Internet. Ads even keep popping up on mobile games and apps.

Another factor that can affect people's attention is the sheer number of products available in any market. Take mobile phones, for example. Unless you're totally into high-tech stuff, you'd probably just go for a trusted brand or go with what everybody else is getting rather than give yourself a headache trying to decide among all available options.

Given these factors, it's difficult to really pay attention to any one ad. Unless we're looking for something specific, our tendency is just to skim through if not ignore most ads.

There's definitely more to advertising than creating a fantastic billboard or awesome graphics, or composing a catchy jingle. How do you actually get people's attention to ensure that the intended message of the ad gets through? There are so many factors to consider when you want potential customers to take notice. You not only need creativity to come up with an effective ad, but some science involved with it as well.

The reality is that not everyone is cut out to produce effective ads that can command attention at will, which is why a lot of businesses pay for the needed exposure to get the establishment of their brands underway. The question is whether that's enough of a reason to shell out more cash. Do businesses really have to pay for attention? Are the benefits be worth the investment?

Benefits of Paying for Attention

  • High probability of success rate for ads

There's some science as well as creativity involved in getting attention. People in the advertising industry know what they're doing. If you want a high probability of success, unless you trust yourself enough to do advertising yourself, then leave it to the professionals.

  • Competitive edge

With more and more ads coming up everyday, you're going to need all the help you can get to be able to keep up with your competition.

  • Better financial returns

Companies that advertise more have the advantage. The more attention you draw, the more potential for expanding your customer base, the better your financial returns will be. That should be more than enough reason to justify the added cost.

  • More operational freedom

Delegating the task of advertising to someone else gives a business more opportunities to focus on its own operations and maintain optimal standards.

Paying for brand recognition to get that much needed attention may at times seem risky given the fast pace of this new era. But all the same, improving one's chances of success is never a bad thing.

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