Professional Blogs and You: How to Use Them for Good

Some businesses and marketers look at the huge growth of Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites and find themselves questioning whether or not blogging is still a viable marketing tactic. Sure, Facebook and the other sites have a gazillion users and generate billions in revenue, but publishing a professional blog remains far superior to these other platforms.

If you’ve found yourself pondering the same question and wondering if “the juice is worth the squeeze,” keep on reading to discover the many benefits of running a professional blog the right way and learn how to do exactly that.

Blogging for Hordes of Free Traffic

Who doesn’t want more traffic on their site? Better yet, who doesn’t want more free traffic to their site? Sure, you could generate instant leads and sales through paid programs, but paid advertising can be expensive and dependent on a consistent, healthy budget.

How can you drive months or even years of traffic virtually for free? The answer is a simple one: blogging, search engines, and social media, of course.

Let’s take a look at how this works.

Traditional business websites, product sites, and so forth usually aren’t updated all that frequently. Blogs, however, are designed to be regularly updated with new posts.

Why, you might ask? Well, because every time you write a new blog post, it becomes one more indexed page on your site and tells Google and the other search engines they should be frequently crawling your site to find new content. Every indexed page provides you with another opportunity to rank in the search engines and generate free, organic traffic for your site.

Bringing social media into the mix, every blog post you write creates content that can be shared via social networks, further increasing your exposure, traffic, leads, and sales. Believe it or not, the relationship between blogs and social media is surprisingly symbiotic. For example, a doctor at a hospital group like Mercy can create their own blog section and increase their online authority in the health field. If ranked high enough, they can easily acquire new clients and traffic to their personal sites.

Blogging for Traffic Conversion

Now that you’re regularly posting, sharing content, and driving traffic to your blog, it’s time to convert the traffic into leads and sales. Due to the potential ranking and social power of each post, each one provides a new lead generation opportunity.

To do this, you simply need a compelling call-to-action, or CTA, for each post. Most successful CTAs offer things like free trials, free ebooks, free webinars, and so on. Basically, you provide people with a value exchange where by visitors provide their name, email, address, and any other type of information in exchange for whatever you’re offering.

Of course, you can also include sales links and banner ads pointing to any product or service you’re selling. Just to clarify, this is how it works:

  • Visitor comes to blog.
  • Visitor reads post and sees the CTA with free offer.
  • Visitor clicks on a CTA link or button and lands on the landing page form where they provide their information.
  • Visitor completes form, receives free offer, and you have a new lead.

Yes, it really is that simple. Some powerhouse professional blogs have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Blogging for Authority

The best professional blogs encourage engagement and answer common questions their visitors may have. By consistently creating helpful content written with your target audience in mind, you’ll begin establishing yourself as a credible and influential authority in your niche.

While authority isn’t necessarily a concrete metric like conversion percentage, it’s incredibly powerful nonetheless.

Blogging for Long-Term Profits

Unlike advertisement, which stop showing when you stop paying, blog posts have the potential of ranking highly for months and even years. You see, a blog post is far from being done after its initial rush of traffic. When done correctly with proper SEO in mind, a simple post that took one hour to write can end up ranking in the search engines for years.

Professional Blogs Get Results

Imagine having a professional authority blog with hundreds of blog posts ranking in the search engines on autopilot. With such an asset, you can travel the world, play with your kids, grow your business, go to the gym, and truly spend your time doing what you love.


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Lizzie Weakley

Lizzie Weakley

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