Promoting Your Online Business with Twitter

Twitter helps build your business brand and reaches more potential customers worldwide when you build your list of followers. When setting up your business account on Twitter play close attention to your profile page. Spend time writing your Bio and describing your business. Make your description interesting and remember you only have 160 characters to describe your business.

How to grow your Twitter account:

1. Find people to follow you on Twitter.

One way to attract new followers is to ask your business contacts to follow you on Twitter. Second, when emailing your newsletters to your clients include your Twitter URL in your emails. Last, add your Twitter URL to your business cards. Furthermore, you can promote your Twitter pages to friends, make it sound interesting, and tell everyone you will be tweeting valuable information.

2. Search for other Twitter account in your marketing niche and follow them.

Finding followers is just as important as following others. When, you followers other powerful users on Twitter you learn what they are doing. This helps you to improve your marketing techniques and puts you in contact with other followers. Be curious and check out your competitors followers. See who is following them and start to follow them. After following new people they will start to follow you.

3. Use retweets to build your list of followers.

Be an active participant on Twitter and rebroadcast original twitter messages. Always give credit to the original poster when you rebroadcast their message. This provides you with more value to your followers and attracts new followers. Providing quality content to your followers builds your business and brings in new clients.

4. Provide your readers with relevant information that will benefit them.

By retweeting relevant tweets in your niche benefits your brand. Your follows start to trust you and this increases your followers and grows your business.

5. Build strong relationships with other members on Twitter.

Twitter community builds relationships for your business and brand. Twitter adds value to your brand and builds your online trust. Treat your followers with respect and supply them with valuable content. Only rebroadcast messages that can benefit your followers. Twitter helps build your brand name, online presence, and trust with your customers.

Sarah Johnston

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Sarah is an IT consultant with a degree in marketing. She enjoys helping others to learn the ins and outs of Internet, Website building and blogging.

Sarah Johnston

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