Pros And Cons Of Using A Splash Page As Your Landing Page

Using a splash page as your landing page is an excellent way to lose visitors to your site. The splash page or flash screen is an entry Web site page to capture the user’s attention. Splash pages promote or lead-into the sites home pages. Some splash pages tell the user what browser or software they need when viewing your site. Other splash pages promote special offers for a short time. 

Splash pages are popular with website designers to allow them to show off their skills in Flash and other technologies on a single page. When building your website consider your needs before adding a splash page. Examine all the pros and cons of splash pages before building your website. 

Pros of Using Splash Pages:

  • Splash pages are fast loading – all the information displays quickly on the first page without scrolling
  • Ensures that your reader sees your animation or flash at least once
  • An excellent way to show off your work like a portfolio
  • The server logs show the breakdown for your visitors
  • Displays disclaimers, warning, and controls to content such as pornography, advertising, or gambling – needed by law in these cases
  • Draws attention to important messages – approaching deadlines, critical update, latest release, news, and slogans
  • Used to select language – country they live in – directs users to the correct version of your site
  • Allows users to choose between low-bandwidth – HTML – Dial-up – High-Speed Bandwidth – Flash – Cable – ADSL – accessible version containing only text with no images
  • Allows users to choose their preferred viewing – standard or full screen
  • Multiple sites share the same domain – used by large sites to communicate their most important section directly
  • Displays hits for browsing the site and explains the main sections
  • Announces sound – asking visitors to turn up their speakers
  • Added form of advertising 

Cons of Using Splash Pages

  • Prevents the user from entering your site
  • Readers do not like splash pages – study shows 25% of visitors who view a splash page leave the site immediately
  • Splash pages display only flash animations displaying nothing for the search engines to find – if contents displayed on the page in the comments search engine consider this spamming and your sites penalized
  • Animation is repetitious – once the visitor views the flash they do not want to see it again
  • Flash movies or fancy animation may be attractive but the impression they make can be pretentiousness rather than dealing with your skills
  • Splash pages prevent the search engines from adding other pages on your site because of the JavaScript codes

Splash pages whether small, useful, beautifully sketched, colorful, and animated is a challenge designers take to impress their visitors. When designing your Website is a splash page necessary and are you adding this page with a specific purpose in mind.

Remember splash pages can lose your site visitors. Not all site visitors are patient and leave the site when asked to move the cursor around to enter the next page. Visitors will not return to your site. This is an excellent way to lose visitors to your website

Julie Sinclair

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Julie is a retired teacher who enjoys Internet research. She has helped friends create blog sites and websites. She enjoys learning about the Internet and the latest technology.

Julie Sinclair

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