Re-brand Yourself In 2014!

Small business owners and entrepreneurs know all about branding, but how about your own personal brand? If you really want to make a splash in your professional life; maybe launch a new career or get that promotion, a change of image may be what you need.

In order to progress and make that leap to the top of the pile, you need to set yourself apart from your peers. Here are five personal branding tips you really ought to try.

Talk sharp

Talk positive. When your boss or a business associate asks you; “How’s it going?” don’t respond with the usual drab response. “Same old, same old.” inspires no-one and makes you look disinterested in your job and gives the impression that you lack ambition and drive.

Instead, have something to contribute to the conversation which shows that you’re interested and switched on to current trends and developments. Talk about your latest project and how much you’re looking forward to working on the next exciting business venture your boss has planned.

Revisit old contacts

The people closest to you and the ones who know you best are the hardest to sell your new brand to. Focus your attention instead on dormant ties; people you were acquainted with but haven’t been in touch with for a while.

You still have plenty in common even though it might have been years since you were in contact and they will expect that you’ve changed and grown. During that intervening period they will have made new contacts and developed their own network, both in their business lives and personally. They may be able to help you as you strive to advance yourself and you could return the favour.

Catch the current trend

When you’re trying to build a new image and establish a reputation in business, it’s often strategically best to specialise. Unfortunately, you’ll find that you’re competing against plenty of people who are already well-known experts. Try picking a new trend that’s just emerging and catch that wave instead to get ahead of the competition. Like running a successful blog, success is all about finding a niche that hasn’t already been done to death by everyone else.

Learn a new skill

A great way to challenge and advance yourself as well as picking up useful new contacts and expanding your network is to learn a new skill. Choose something specific that may also be applicable and valuable to your line of business.

Create content

The best way to ensure that customers and colleagues approach you, rather than the other way round, is to become adept at “inbound marketing”.

Why not start your own blog? Starting is blog is pretty straightforward and can also be free if you use a site like Wordpress. If writing is not your forte, there are plenty of freelance copywriters and bloggers out there on the net who will do this for you or you could create a video podcast instead which you can do using your smartphone. Create content that is helpful to others and really demonstrates your expertise in your specialist area.

Try out the above suggestions and kick start your new personal brand. The economy is finally showing signs of real recovery and this year could be the start of a great new phase in your career. Good luck!

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