Ryan Likes His Fictional Characters

Blogger Ryan VanDenabeele believes that fictional characters are extremely important to businesses. According to him, these characters can help in making inbound marketing strategies more effective.

It’s a well known fact that to achieve success through inbound marketing, creating buyer personas is essential. Creating fictional characters is simply another way of building buyer personas; to see your company rise high, you must ensure that it holds a strong bond with those personas.

Buyer personas are something more than mere customer demographics. They will tell you who exactly your customers are, for what purposes they are purchasing your products and services, and what kind of professional backgrounds they have.

Performing Thorough Research 

You might find the job of researching quite taxing, but you’ll have to do it for the sake of your company and your customers. Most businesses have different types of customers. Your job is to find out who those people actually are.

For instance, if you run a company that sells cars, it might have the following types of customers:

  • Individuals who are only interested in used or second-hand cars
  • Individuals who are only looking for new cars
  • Individuals who are looking to lease
  • Commercial buyers planning to buy several cars together

Thorough research will tell you what kind of communication tools you should use to woo these different types of customers.

Comments posted on social media, online surveys, and interviews will assist you in figuring out the purchasing motives of different people and having a clear idea about the persona of those people.

Naming the Buyer Persona

VanDenabeele has explained this beautifully. The biggest findings of the research will be some common trends such as behavior patterns, goals, pain-points, wishes, and biographic information of the survey group. Based on those common trends, VanDenabeele named the buyer persona of people who prefer leasing cars “Leasing Larry”. The name picked for the buyer persona of people interested in buying used cars, on the other hand, was “Pre-Owned Paddy.

Leasing Larry was found to be an individual who works as an executive or manager. He prefers changing his car once every couple of years so leasing a vehicle seems to be most profitable for him. Larry loves traveling in luxury cars because of the image they set for him and is bothered by stress and a hectic work schedule. 

Pre-Owned Paddy, on the other hand, is more interested in an affordable and comfortable car. She is particularly concerned with safety and price, and quite predictably her pain-points include budgeting and future children. Interestingly, Paddy prefers the term “pre-owned car” over “used car”.

As a business owner you must love both the above mentioned personas, however to woo them, you will have to use different strategies. The strategies must be tailored according to their interests, needs, and pain-points.

After creating buyer personas or fictional characters, your job would be offering them the content they would love having a look at. VanDenabeele has described content creation as “the juice” that makes inbound marketing go.



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