Self-ordering Kiosks: Offering the Best and most Innovative Customer Experience

Restaurants find the new self-ordering Kiosks a valuable addition to their business as they engage customers even in high traffic situations. Further, the Kiosks can be deployed in various different operating environments including table dining and fast food trucks. The cloud capability powers restaurants to use the kiosks to gain brand exposure through their quick and efficient service.

Innovative Point of Sale System

The new self-ordering Kiosk offers a shift in the traditional restaurant setup by bringing the restaurant to the customers any time and at any place. As a result customers get a convenient, consistent, and fine dining experience. Other high points of the Kiosks include affordability and superior performance. While customers are delighted by the new approach, restaurants too have a great throughput, reduced costs due to improved efficiency brought about by lowered labor cost and minimal cash handling. This way it is a win-win situation for everyone.

Monitor Transactions

The entire transaction conducted on the Kiosk is linked to the POS environment and can be monitored appropriately; allowing restaurants to assess the success of their customer engagement techniques in real time, so informed decisions can be arrived at. Click to know more about the kiosks.

Driving Profits Upwards

The Kiosk ordering when combined with digital menus and other complimentary additions like loyalty, promotions, and recipes enables an effective and more profitable transaction. Improved customer experience, lowered costs, and higher revenues are possible with the use of Kiosks. The increase in sales, upselling, and promotions move the revenue up to 30% more with a reduction in the transaction and labor costs which is enabled by better order management and streamlined sale transactions. Loyalty enrollment, mobile couponing, and specific targeted promotions ultimately lead to boosted ROI.

Better Functionality

Kiosks enable debit and credit card payments and also store gift card payments. Customers have to just swipe their card and the system displays all previous orders of the customer, so the same meal can be chosen. Alternative menus like non-diary, vegetarian, gluten free and seafood free diets can be easily opted for with the help of Kiosks. Adding points to the customer’s account under the frequent or loyal dining system is also executed smoothly. The enhanced overall ordering process results in a higher than average check, when compared to a cashier dealt sales.

Increased Sales

When Kiosks are present in a restaurant, customers opt for the self-ordering alternative to the long waiting lines at the cash counter. The electronic format of ordering and paying relieves the stress from guests as they can place orders at their convenience. When in line, they will order quickly and the needed items only. Peak traffic hours can be managed easily and efficiently, leading to more sales. When integrated with other smartphone apps, restaurant can increase the retail ordering, customer spending, and also service and store flow times.

Restaurants equipped with self-ordering Kiosks give customers facility to browse the restaurant menu, place orders, and do the payment easily with their gift card or credit card. Increasing profits becomes easy as more customers can be served in less time, lowering the costs considerably.

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Tommy Akers discusses the benefits of incorporating self-ordering Kiosks in your restaurant business. For more related information, you can click here.


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