Service Is The Key to Branding

Companies strategize and plan continually when it comes to branding. They invest their time, effort, and money on promotional materials, maintenance of their website, and new packaging in order to build their brand. However, no matter how great a business' website, packaging, or informational materials are, if their customer service isn't up to par, then everything suffers. This is because service is really the true key to good branding.

Customer service is the service provided to customers before, during, or after the purchase and usage of a company's services or products. When a company provides good customer service, the expectations of the customers are met, and often exceeded, leading to their overall satisfaction. When the company provides poor customer service, complaints and frustrations are often the outcome leading which lead to a loss of sales.

In today’s business world, content no longer wears the crown - the customers do. Customers have access to more details and information on products and services and have more choices and options regarding when and where to go shopping. They even have the capability of sharing their experiences through online reviews, whether bad or good, regarding your brand in just one click.

Because customers have gained more value and say today, companies are doing whatever they can to succeed in making and keeping them satisfied, engaged, and entertained. Putting their needs first is one way of keeping them interacting with your brand and that’s where customer service comes in. You must always keep in mind that whether you like it or not, customer service agents or in-store staff are the front lines and the face of your company’s brand because they are the first point of contact.

Somehow, a number of companies fail to realize the importance of good customer service in establishing and maintaining their brand. It is a fact that branding often requires a huge chunk of the company’s budget. In order to cut back on some of these expenses, businesses begin to overlook and take for granted things like incentives, staff training, and staff recruitment which are critical areas that affect good customer service.

As a result, staff may no longer place value in their customers, often evidenced by their lack of interest and ability to inspire confidence in clients by providing good customer service. Another outcome is that staff will have a deteriorating recognition and appreciation of the brand. These outcomes of skipping on training and recruitment affect that quality of the company’s customer service.

When the quality of customer service is poor, customers become frustrated and dissatisfied. Customers then view this as a bad experience with your brand. Through word of mouth and viral online reviews, their dissatisfaction could lead to your brand’s downfall and strike a fatal blow on the entire business.

If businesses fail to invest in and place importance on inspiring good customer service, then they will miss out on something that is highly valuable and influential in their brand’s story. This is because customer service affects branding and good service holds the key to creating and building a good brand.



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