Small Businesses Are Undermining the Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a powerful tool that not only helps national corporations and online companies but also local businesses. Unfortunately, search engine giant Google says that nearly 80 percent of all consumers use the Internet to find local businesses. This includes getting information, such as their addresses, hours of operation and directions. Since many companies do not invest money into digital marketing, it's safe to assume that many local businesses are undermining the impact that digital advertising would have on their companies.

The Age of Smartphones and Apps

This is the age of information, and as such, people take their smartphones with them everywhere. Many consumers look at their smartphones multiple times a day. This is why so many companies invest in apps. Coming up with useful apps is the best way to engage with digital consumers. Developing apps isn't hard, and is a great way to get free advertising. By providing free apps, companies can rest assured that potential consumers will download them. Once installed, a company now owns a digital spot on a device that a potential customer may use on a daily basis. A great idea for an app is one that provides information about current sales and other promotions being offered by that company.

What People Are Saying About Your Business

According to this article, small businesses can also use search queries on Google to find out what consumers are saying about their businesses. By using an advanced search query, business owners can find the results of reviews and feedback that have been left about their performance. This will give small business owners valuable information on ways that they can improve their businesses. It's almost like having an online “feedback” box. Some advanced search quires include “Your Company” + reviews or “Your Company” + feedback.

Social Media Marketing

Part of digital marketing includes using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Companies both large and small use social media as a form of marketing. This is because, much like developing an app, social media marketing is another free form of digital marketing. It costs companies nothing to set up a Twitter or Facebook page. Also, it allows companies to interact with customers on a more personal level. People tend to view companies on social media sites as “people” rather than companies. This is because the company is interacting with them directly.

Keep in mind, however, that social media marketing can also be dangerous for companies. For example, employees that work for your company also represent your brand on social media sites, just like they do when they are working at your place of business. As such, it's important for businesses to set up a social media policy that can be used to prevent such employees from sharing any kind of internal business information with the public.

Companies on social media sites also need to understand trends before using hashtags on Twitter, as well as know the origin of the hashtags. If they do not, they might end up supporting something with which they really don't want their company be affiliated.

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