Smartphone Applications You Need

Today, thousands of smartphone applications have been developed. While there are some apps that create a huge uproar among smartphone users, there are others that fail to make a significant mark. The saddest part of the story is that there are some great ones that get overlooked. Given below is a list of applications that most of you might not even have heard of. But once you use those, it is sure you can’t do without.

EvernoteFood: Everyone has heard of Ever note, but has anyone heard of Ever note Food? It provides you almost any recipe you look for. So, whether it is a sushi roll or a brownie recipe that you are searching, use Evernote Food and you know it instantly. You can keep tab on the food you tried and the recipes you made. There are many unique recipes that you can find inside the app. It is something you need when you need to entertain surprising guests or want to try some new recipe.

FastCustomer: What has been your experience of calling a customer-support line? It really stinks, isn’t it? With FastCustomer you can make it better. The application automatically navigates the menu system for more than 3000 companies. Then it rings your phone when there is a reply on the line. So, with FastCustomer, there is no more waiting for customer care executives to take your call. A few taps is all you need to put an end to never-ending wait for customer support.

Cozi: If you want to be more organized and responsible, you need Cozi. This application contains shared calendar, grocery lists, and to-do lists. The shared files can be done in colors so that you know which tasks are assigned to you. Thus, members of a family can share a particular task among themselves.

Pocket: Want to read what’s there on the web when you are on the move? Try installing Pocket. The application provides copied, downloaded, and formatted content for mobile reading. The app also strips off ads and various extraneous materials to make reading easy for you.

Triplt: People who use Triplt wonder how travellers can do without this application. If you love travelling you must install Triplt. You merely need to forward all your travel confirmation email to an address inside the app. The application organizes your hotels, flights, and car rentals into simple itineraries. If you are looking for just one application to travel with, choose Triplt.

These are just few of the hundreds of applications that are extremely useful. The next time you visit the App Store or Google Play, do make it a point to look for applications that are really useful. Do not worry if the applications you choose have less number of downloads. You must focus on the features and functionality of the app you are choosing. It is suggested that you check reviews of the few people using the application. If reviews are satisfactory, it’s an app worth installing. So, what are you waiting for? Find a unique app for your smartphone today

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