Social Networks: Learning to Walk Before Entering an Advertising Adventure

In social networks, before to run, he should learn to walk

Some social networks like Facebook, have started to seduce the marks and advertisers with that increase the reach of publications, passing by box is clear. This seems to be the remedy for those who complain of the difficulties traditional methods to reach audiences and masses of followers.

Even in social networks like Twitter, many brands are committed only by the advertising thinking that it is the only one, and how to more safely fulfil their objectives and make sure that their messages have an impact on millions of users of the social network.

We could summarize, allowing the option to bet on advertising brands somehow, avoid the necessity of working other aspects and long-term strategies term, to achieve this objective. Which could also reveal to us, the lack of will in many cases, actually generate a real relationship and greater engagement with the community of users and followers.

Social networks like Twitter are experimenting with the option of allowing to the users silence the messages of certain accounts, in such a way that they would receive your updates while still they brand as followers. Something that could put barriers in by half among those aggressive brands only looking for these media, become a channel through which simply promote themselves.

Likewise, it has also begun losing charm for youngsters, who prefer instant messaging services, or well bet on the appeal of the video and the image, that provide Instagram or Vine. All this has served so many brands, consider erroneously, that advertising is the panacea to the shortcomings of their social media strategies.

Then, do we have? Buy checkbook coup the engagement with our customers is a very good option to get to them, although it can be a hole in our budget, if not We are able to develop an appropriate strategy.

First of all, it is important to clarify a point. The engagement of customers not It has price, so, in addition to investing money, will have to work for provide an attractive and relevant message. Money does not buy the loyalty of our customers, but that can only produce a timely response, and not always satisfactory.



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