Start-up Advice: Tapping the Marketing Potential of Social Media

In this day and age where competition is always tough across various industries, gaining a competitive edge is crucial to the success of the company. And when we talk about competitive edge, it's not only limited to the quality of the products or services that your business offers. It also involves having a competitive advantage that can help your business succeed in the industry you are trying to penetrate. This is where maximizing your available tools and resources will come in.

Now that most people rely to the internet for information, there has been a continuous shift when it comes to promoting a business. These days, start-up owners are not just limited to traditional media for advertising their products; they can also tap modern tools and resources that may provide the same effect (increased brand awareness) yet incur lower marketing expenses.

If you are a startup owner, say a food business owner or freelance caterer for instance, your concerns does not end on preparing quality and safe food, investing in the latest commercial ice maker or catering equipment, or having a sound financial business plan. These business essentials aside, one of the goals you should be trying to achieve is to increase the market's awareness of your business through doing low-cost marketing campaigns. One of the best examples of that is through social media marketing. Here are some tips to keep in mind should you decide to join the growing bandwagon of promoting startup businesses via social media:

Keep track of trending content. What topics are your target audience interested in? Keeping track of what your market wants and needs is crucial to the success of your campaign. Offer them something relevant and of value, something that can satisfy or fill in the information they are seeking.

It's all about quality. Always remember this: whatever industry you are in, you will always have competition. So if you are trying to woo your market through the content you'll be making about your business, there's a big chance that your competitors are also aiming for the same goal. Ensure that you'll have a higher chance of getting the interest of your audience by writing content that's timely, relevant, quality, and original.

Be creative. With different competitors doing the same strategy, it's difficult to stand out. So make sure you continuously look for new ideas to promote and craft your content. You are not limited to the traditional text. You can make use of images for memes, create videos, infographics, posters, slogans, and so on. The bottomline is to be creative with what you do and avoid doing what the others are already doing.

Be consistent with your efforts. Always be consistent with your marketing efforts. Remember, when it comes to social media marketing, patience is needed because you might not see results right away. You'll need to give chance and enough time for your campaign to work, or for your social media accounts to get noticed or gain followers. Social media marketing must not be thought of as a sprint but a continuous marathon.

Build relationship with your audience. It quite easy to gain followers, but you should focus more on building relationship with your audience. Your social media pages must serve as a community for your target audience – an avenue to engage their interest, open discussions, and basically aim for their participation in spreading brand awareness.

With more and more people maintaining their social media accounts these days, it's critical to make use of this trend to grow your market reach and expand your target audience. But with a lot of competitors aiming to tap the potential of social media as a marketing platform, it will be a big challenge. It's up to you how you'll craft new strategies that will work, or make use of existing ones and hone them to be well-suited to your business goals.


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