Taking a Look at Trends That Drive the Future of Information Technology Services

Trends are like fashion. Each one of those turns backdated after a specified period of time. So if you do not update your state, you are old and outdated. The world of technology is never static rather it keeps on changing in a very short span of time. For instance, 10 years ago no one ever thought you can simply make a call from your mobile without even touching it. Today, the voice recognition technology allows you to do that easily. So if you are standing is a crowded area and unable type anything from your cell phone, just command your device to carry out the functions. The in-built technology recognizes the voice and follows your instruction. So, the prediction that technology will have a hold over the future is turning out to be real in the course of time. From daily chores in life to official matters, technology has a part to play everywhere, which is undoubtedly a welcoming change for the users.

Popular Trends: Here are some of the most popular trends that have changed the course of action.

  • As already said, the recent trend in the world of computers is no touch interfaces. You can now bid goodbye to the strenuous technique of typing using your hand, because your voice can do the part. Most of the large enterprises like Microsoft, Apple has implemented this information technology services. The basic pattern recognition technology has been under supervision for long, which is finally executed, giving computers human like characters. 
  • Playing online video games with real life players from all over the world has been popular for long. Today more and more people are getting online and use the same trend but for academic purpose- online classroom, online training as well as support. It has not only restricted to education but medicine and politics as well. Politicians even used this platform to reach out to mass and ask for votes. Doctors are found using the latest information technology services to reach out the patient and suggest remedies. 
  • Consumer driven supercomputers are the next phase of computing. Companies like IBM, Google and Microsoft have combined natural language processing with huge Big Data systems. This can be accessed from anywhere because of its integration with cloud. 

Information Technology prediction: It is needless to say that technology industry will witness a magnificent amount of growth in the coming years. From new contracts to latest development, changes are bound to happen even if it is a hard time. The demand is bound to increase as European market opens up and companies can no longer defer the importance of investment into new technologies. As per the survey of 2013, Gartner predicts that even if business uncertainties have declined, the need to bring a new trend in technology continues to persist. On the other hand, being in the brink of new digital paradigm, it is the same technology that nearly drives our life. Hence, when Gartner predicted the futuristic trends of technology of 2014, several topics emerged, which include Smart Machines, Digital Business, and Digital Industrial Revolution and how it would be leave an overall impact. Some of the predictions are-

  • The emergence of improved JavaScript will push HTML5 and the developers will focus on enhancing user interface models. There will be quality voice and video, allowing people to connect the way they want. 
  • Even if Internet is expanding but not every corners have been explored. So, in the coming years there will be an emergence of 4 models which will replace “Internet of Things” by “Internet of Everything.”
  • It is important to bring together personal clouds as well as external private cloud services. Hence, enterprises must think of this hybrid cloud service, which might be static in the initial phase but Gartner predicts more deployment will help in evolving cloud service brokerages. 
  • In the coming years, there will also be a need to increase the demand of network because of the capabilities of mobile devices. Hence, there will be a trend where users look for higher levels of server-side computing and storage capacity due to the complex uses of mobile technologies. 
  • There will be an era of personal cloud technologies, which further encourage individuals to stay away from devices. The value of device might also become less important because personal cloud takes over the place. 
  • There will 75% growth in the usage of 3-D printers and in 2015, the expansion will be by 200%. The realization that these printers are cost effective with the ability to reduce costs through improved designs and streamlined approach.
  • Large provider of cloud working on improving the delivery of IT services. Companies like Facebook, Google will try to be more agile. New architectures, processes and practice will be emulated to keep with the pace. Gartner call these elements as Web-scale IT. In order to reduce cost and waste, data centers are designed with an industrial engineering perspective. Developers can use web-oriented architectures to build very flexible and resilient systems that overcome failures fast.

SMB Technology Trend: Small and emerging companies further look into the rising trends for the purpose of progress. They will be investing more to access software that can provide solutions as well as implement technology to generate revenue. Adoption of cloud and infrastructure application will steer up from 33%to 44%. Mobile management is a priority for the SMBs as the mobile app usage soars but the concern related to security will continue. Apart from this, establishing an existence in the digital world has been given importance. Hence, they work on social media presence, targeting audience and converting them into customers. In 2013, the integration of cloud-to-cloud and cloud-to-on-premise solution was a challenge for only medium business, but in 2014 this concern will also be a factor for small businesses as well. There adoption of greener IT solution is another major trend. SMB IT vendors will offer economical and energy saving products.

Information Technology trend for 2014: The year technology will overcome many of the mishaps that happened in the past years. For instance, the launch of Healthcare.gov is a lesson for the IT world to be very dexterous on go- live events because it should be a seamless action. So, from this year onwards software development firms and team will be more focus and careful about public launch. Even the event of NSA snooping, data privacy is significant in the coming years because customers are worried about “data free” notion as offered by many businesses.

Moreover, with the public availability of Google Glass, businesses are expected to be more creative using such wearable that can enhance the productivity by staying smart at the workplace. Furthermore, there will be gamification in enterprise and users will be recognized, credited and awarded for proper usage. In 2014, this process will further propel productivity, accomplishments and acknowledgements. Technology is one genre where you cannot stick on to one trend. Even if you predict the incorporation of one process, it might seem challenging to one section of users, which in turn calls for another trend. However, these are the basic changes that the IT world is about to meet in the coming years, leaving an impact depending upon the end result.

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