The 5 Best Tools That Enhance Your Social Media Presence

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an excellent branding strategy. When implemented correctly, it can increase your profits and maximize your potential revenue. As a part of your online marketing and website promotion efforts, it can work wonders for your online business.

There are many online software programs that ensure that the most difficult and time-consuming social media projects are completed on time.

Animoto: The easiest way to create videos of uploaded photos, music, video clips, etc is through Animoto. It is a video-generating web application that creates professional and high quality videos. Multiple and distinct videos can be created using different kinds of content each time. It is the most popular application that is commonly used on social networking sites like Facebook. It livens up the SMM marketing efforts by generating colorful and vibrant videos.

Humingbird: This software is used to add the Twitter followers. An automated software, it is used to add more options to make the process of picking people in Twitter customizable. Keyword level tweaking can be done using this tool as part of the search process. An affordable tool that costs less than $100, Hummingbird is a pretty handy social media marketing tool.

Tweet Adder: Just like the Hummingbird program, Tweet Adder is also an automated program. This tool tweets for the users while they are busy at work or with other activities. It need to be activated and the minute is it is set to work, it enables the user to manage innumerable Twitter accounts and generated leads through targeted profiles. This process of auto tweeting can be done using both Windows and well as Mac based operating systems. Apart from the auto tweeting feature, Tweet Adder also has additional features like automated direct message deletion, Twitter friend search and auto unfollow, etc.

Jing: This software is free software that enhances online chat conversations. Jung is excellent software that adds an element of visuals to online chats. Images stored on the user’s screen can be quickly and easily captured for online sharing with friends and family through chat and messaging software. Online marketers and entrepreneurs can use Jing for professional visual illustrations to pitch their products and services to potential clients who are remotely located.

Twollo: Twollo is a type of auto-sorting toll that is focused on the keywords. This tool is used to increase the number of Twitter followers effortlessly. For an avid user of Twitter, one of the best ways to manage traffic is organizing the updates that allow you to not only find but also follow people, tract twitter messages, etc. You can switch from a free 4 day trial period to a suitable keyword pack according to your needs and requirements.

Though social media tasks come across as dull, boring and repetitive, there are quick and smart ways to implement them to bring out the best results with minimal energy. The best part is that they can enhance your social media presence and simplify manual work within a time span of a few seconds. Using them, almost all social media tasks can be automated.



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