Cheat Codes for Inbound Marketing

The money spent for promoting and advertising brands and companies has increased over the years. Surveys even stated that for the past three years, the average budget of companies for social media marketing, blogs, videos, podcasts, etc. has nearly tripled. So here are a few cheat codes for inbound marketing that will be greatly helpful and useful for marketers and businessmen.

What is inbound marketing?

Buying patterns have drastically changed. About a decade ago, potential buyers needed companies and other brands to give them information and details about the services and products offered. Today, consumers conduct in depth research and background examination on their own about the products or services they seem to be interested in, wherein about 60%-70% of the buying decision is being made before they talk to anyone.

Because of this, inbound marketing exists. Inbound marketing is defined as any online marketing action or activity that promotes the brand or company through blogs, social media marketing, eBooks, SEO, and other forms or types of content marketing with the intention of bringing the customer closer to the brand or the company’s services and products. It is the practice of creating and exploiting a direct connection or relationship between the brand and the potential buyer as a person or individual.

Inbound marketing enables marketers and businesses win consumers by attracting them with helpful and interesting details and information about the product or service which in turn assist them to reaching a decision, which is hopefully to buy or purchase the item or pay for the service.

Why would any company consider incorporating inbound marketing into their business strategies and approach?

With inbound marketing, there is a greater chance of having the brand or the company’s product being introduced and advertised to many consumers, and there is a higher percentage that these people will purchase the item. Through inbound marketing, marketers will be able to analyze what exactly are leading consumers to their website. By that, companies will have proofs or evidences needed to back up their marketing plans and initiatives. Another thing about inbound marketing is that it’s flexible. It allows the company to make adjustments with their marketing strategies based on the new data or information as it comes.

What is the correct way of utilizing inbound marketing?

The keystone of inbound marketing is providing information for free. The idea is to offer valuable details to potential customers in order to generate leads and to convert such leads into a decision to purchase a product or pay for a service.

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