The Importance of Using Your Own eMail.


Today I joined this wonderful site, and for my first post I wanted to write about the importance of having your own custom eMail. Typically when you're trying to do eMail marketing you'll run into issues. If you're sending a lot of eMails per hour, then you need a custom eMail because providers such as Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft only allow you to send 50-150 eMails per hour, which can be a huge issue for your marketing campaign. With a custom eMail, you can send as many eMails per hour as you'd like (provided that your host allows as many as you'd like to send.)

Secondly, if you take a look at the end of your custom eMail, it shows your website typically. For example, mine is "admin@Mywebsite.com" and "Jackson@mywebsite.com" I allow users to contact me at either one and I send thousand of eMails per day from these eMails so people know "Oh, hey that's his domain. That'll be easy to remember!"

Thirdly, you can take security into your own hands. Are providers such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft secure? Of course they are! On your own eMail though, you'll be able to filter out specific eMails from sending you an eMail. Say I don't want "admin@joesworld.com" to email "admin@mydomain.com" I can simply blacklist them by a simple click of a button, where as you may not be able to do that on the major eMail providers.

With this in mind, I perosnally recommend buying a domain (for as cheap as 99 cents, you can find coupons for your provider all over the internet,) and you attach a personal eMail to your domain. So start sending eMails, get your name out there! Woo!

I hope you all enjoyed this brief article and I hope that we see each other soon!

- Jackson.

(Rights for image obtained from Daniel Neckers, orignial creator of the image.)




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Hello! I'm Jackson, I'm 28 and live in Arizona. I specialize in computer sciences and I majored in advancing computer sciences. I look forward to speaking with you all! :)


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