The Pay What You Like Business Model

“Pay what you like”

It worked for the Humble Bundle series where people can buy online games for whatever price they like. I’m staking my reputation that it could work in the real world too.


Modern life entails that everything we need, use and consume for our lives has to be bought. You want fresh bananas? You’re going to have to buy them in the grocery. If your country’s climate isn’t conducive to grow bananas, you would have to import them from another nation. Every little process in between that brings that banana from a tropical country to a temperate one has a cost.

Every movement that you make in modern life has to be documented, stamped, paid for and bought. That’s why the pay what you like model is so appealing.


Country living here in the Philippines has so many positive aspects that could not fit in a single blog post. This is where the model originated. I was once riding a tricycle and have lost track of the distance we travelled. I asked the driver how much it would cost for all his efforts. To my surprise and befuddlement, he smiled and merely said in Filipino, “It’s up to you.”

Suddenly my world paradigm took on a whole new dimension. At the back of my head I was thinking about the distance, the cost of the gas and the normal fare that should be due to the driver. Since I was in a rush and was thinking of other things aside from those, I decided to repay his kindness with a little more than what was fair. I took a look at his facial expression and noted the mark of contentment with what I gave. Thus, the pay what you like model was born.

Negative aspects

Of course there would always be people who can only think in terms of the downline. They would take advantage and pay you very dismal rates. That’s where the value of social media comes in. Social media, for what it’s worth has a certain character imbibing aspect to it. People want to show off and people want to look good. In life, I’ve always said that every individual sees himself as a good person regardless of any outward perception. Make it a point to get to know your clients and befriend them and they would do their best to make sure that their online reputation is good.


People are generally good

Like in the TV show Smallville, Khal-El or the young Superman made it a point to see people as inherently good if you give them the chance. That’s what I am relying on with the pay what you like model.

Without social media, it would have been impossible to get the message and the idea across. It would just have been a nice story made in a far away land with people you’re probably not going to see again in your lifetime. But thanks to some social media goodness, it’s an idea that I think would become revolutionary and could change the way we live.

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The Pay What You Like Business Model

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