The Top 10 Emails That You Must Send Everyone in Your Email Distribution List

While article submission, writing reports and online blog posts are great ways to drive traffic to a website, an important aspect that most of us tend to neglect is following up with people in our email distribution lists that are a valuable source of traffic and referrals. Most people complain about the lack of sufficient autoresponder emails, which leaves new members absolutely clueless about what they need to do.

1. The Hard Pitch

The first template is all about being absolutely direct with the email subscriber and involves asking them to make a purchase. You can use the some content or information in your sales letter or landing page or your promotional video to create this email copy. Add a good testimonial, a free lesson or a free tip.

2. A Reminder For That Hard Pitch

Email marketing is also highly competitive and you need to stand out if you want to make a difference. Reminder emails are a great way to ensure that users have received the information that you sent in the first email. It boosts traffic and increase CTR (Click-through Rates).

3. A Quick Tip

There is nothing better than telling your subscribers that you are an authority in your chosen niche. An SME (Subject Matter Expert) is always trusted and favored above other people. Give your subscribers a quick tip, good advice that they can absorb in a minute or maybe less and make that an email template. You are not expected to give them all the information; just deliver a little value-add, which goes a long way.

4. Reminder For a Free Blog Post

In terms of traffic, a single link to a blog post sent in an email scores over lengthy emails. It also increases the chances of search engine traffic through linking and comments.

5. Post-Sale Content Absorption Reminder

This template is all about reminding the user about a report that they need to download or a product that they were interested in buying.

6. The ‘Part’ Strategy

If you want your subscribers to wait for your next email, add the phrase ‘Part 1’ to the subject line or the body of the email and see its magic.

7. Personal Response

Making an effort and spending sufficient time to answer a query though a personal response works very well. You can use the same template to answer similar queries too.

8. What Happened?

In this template, ask people why they did not do what they were supposed to. It is neither pointless nor silly and always receives the maximum replies.

9. The Relationship Builder

Ask people what their experiences are, especially during the process of launching the product.

10. Consistency and Commitment

Get a head count for the total membership or the number of webinar attendees, so people feel that their presence is important.

These 10 free email templates comprise a sequence that can be sent to everyone in the list with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time span.

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