The Top 8 Law Firm Marketing Strategies

The major objective of any law firm company is to acquire new clients and increase their business through existing clients. Different and effective marketing techniques can help you achieve these objectives. In today’s world, most of these objectives can be accomplished through the internet. The internet has allowed lawyers to increase their visibility on the web, and it also offers other creative ways to enhance their online legal services. In addition to using the internet, there are other simple techniques that a law firm should practice. Here are some marketing techniques that a law firm should use to promote their brands effectively.

1. Old clients are likely to be your present clients:

You should always preserve an old client’s personal information even if it seems old and outdated. This may prove helpful when you want to contact them to make them aware that you still in business and are willing to serve them. You can contact your old clients either through phone calls, which are possible only when you have the manpower and resources, or through emails. To attract your clients, you can offer discounts such as free consultation on wills or a living trust.

2. About 2.5% of your revenue should be attributed to marketing:

It is necessary for every firm to invest about 2.5% of revenue in marketing. This 2.5% will not include wages of the individuals whom you have hired for work. It will only be used for different marketing techniques such as promoting your brand or taking your client out for a dinner. You spend a good amount of money for promoting your brand, otherwise you will just be wasting your time and energy.

3. Make your website more lively by using videos and pictures:

Promoting your brand through pictures and videos is an excellent marketing technique. Videos are very easy to create and effectively conveys your message to your clients. Videos and pictures are more interesting and noticeable by clients rather than reading articles that you have created on your website. So, produce more interesting videos and improve your branding.

4. Impress your clients:

Creating a positive impression on your clients is one of the most powerful marketing techniques. When your client is impressed and satisfied with your services, he may refer his friends and relatives to you. This may prove more effective than any other marketing techniques. So improve your services which in turn will increase your referrals. However, always keep in mind that you cannot control this directly, but you can surely affect it indirectly by improving your services. Moreover, do not hesitate to accept and act on negative feedbacks that you receive from your clients.

5. Increase your networking by attending trade associations:

Networking is one of the ways that will help you to increase your visibility and score more clients. Attend any trade associations that may take place in your city, state or country. Join these client trade associations and contribute your articles, give speeches and attend conferences. This will surely help you to connect to various clients.

6. Analyze your results:

You need to analyze the results of all your marketing campaigns. This means that marketing techniques that are increasing your clients should be continued and expanded. But those that are bringing in few or no clients should be discontinued.

7. Use B2B emailing:

B2B emailing allows you to see your results right away. You can observe things such as how many opened your email and what is their response. With B2B campaign, you can simply contact your older clients by email and offer them a discount if they are willing to use your services again within the following few months.

8. Use social media properly:

Social media such as Facebook or Twitter is a secret to success in a legal career. The way you portray yourself and your company online has a great impact on your future employers and current clients. It is critical that you manage your company’s online reputation to get positive results. There are three important ways that can help you to maintain your company’s reputation:

  1. Do not engage in any heated argument online or post unprofessional post and avoid revealing personal information.
  2. Keep your company’s websites up-to-date. Additionally, update your profiles on different career site and keep it consistent.
  3. Create content for your company’s website professionally to develop a positive impression on others. Write useful articles and share different posts regularly.

You can hire a social media manager from your company itself, but only if you can afford it, or else you can outsource it. Most importantly, do not ignore social media and use it in such a way that it benefits you and your company to a great extent.

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