Benefits of a Branding Makeover

Branding is more than just a logo or typeface that makes your company recognizable. It should be the first thing a customer recognizes about your company, whether they are on your website, viewing social media posts or walking into your storefront. However, every company must remember that branding is an ever-changing process that sometimes needs tweaking. Demographics and industries change over time, so it is important to remember that your branding must change as well. The key is knowing when it is time to change your branding and some important things to remember before you make a change.

Business Changes

If your company is making major changes to structure, such as replacing the board of directors or leadership wants to take the company in a new direction, you should consider rebranding. For example, a restaurant known to offer only rich foods whose leadership is planning to completely change the menu to only offer healthy options would want different branding. You may still want to keep the same logo, but change it slightly for differentiation. The same is true if your industry is undergoing major changes. In order to make your company fit the new vision of the industry, you may want to rebrand your company to reflect those changes.

Competitor Branding

Take a look at the branding used by competitors. If their website, signage or other advertising looks more professional and attractive, you may want to consider rebranding. It is important not to create branding exactly the same as your competitor, but their logo could give you ideas for a fresh look. Of course, rebranding does not necessarily mean you must completely overhaul your logo and advertising. You could simply rebrand the services you offer, such as free shipping or free delivery, then use branding to promote the new services in order to stand out from the competition.

Target Markets

Before you branded your company, you should have determined the target market you were trying to reach. Your target market determines your marketing plan, branding and many other factors related to promoting your company. If you did not develop a target market, or if your advertising does not seem to be reaching the right audience, it may be time to consider rebranding to better appeal to the right market. Branding agencies can help you identify a target market and rework your brand so that it reaches that market effectively.

Be Consistent

The most important thing to remember about branding is to remain consistent, even when you are making changes to the brand. Your business cards and the banner on your website should look similar as should all signage in your brick-and-mortar business. By keeping the brand consistent, customers get the impression the service you offer is also consistent, making them more likely to purchase from you. Inconsistent branding causes confusion and gives an unprofessional appearance.

Consistent, professional branding is critical to your marketing efforts, but it is also important to remember that branding needs to be monitored and adjusted as necessary. Review your marketing efforts to determine how effective they are and to be sure you are using consistent branding throughout.

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