Tips For Effective Banner Ads

These days every small (and large) business has a website. It’s the only way to effectively reach your target audience; let’s face it, most people will Google a company to find out more about its products and services before they place an order.

Banner ads are a crucial part of your webpages so it’s vital to get them right. Here are some short and sweet tips and observations to help you make your banner ads super-effective.

Target your banners

Link your banner ads to keywords; these perform much better in searches than random placements. Be sure to place your banners on sites which really fit your target market to maximise return.

Grab attention

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because your ad is bright, stuffed with animation and really “in your face” that it will be effective. Sometimes just the opposite results and you can really turn off potential customers with gaudy ads. Practice the art of the understatement and see what a difference subtlety can make.

Variety is good

It’s very important to keep track of metrics where banner ads are concerned, especially their click-through statistics. Try a selection of different banner ads and use the metrics to work out which ones are most effective where. You may find that moving them around improves performance or ditching some of the less effective ones altogether is the best option.

It’s also a good idea to change your ads frequently to keep them fresh. This is particularly important if they are going to be seen frequently by the same people.


The calls-to-action feature of your banner ad is all-important. Having caught a visitor’s eye with your banner, maximise the effect by offering them a convenient and tempting “click here” button to take them to your product, service or sign-up page.

Obvious is good

Nothing frustrates visitors more than having to rummage around a site to find the information they want. Don’t leave people to guess what their next action should be; make it obvious from your banner ad exactly what the ad is for and what the visitor can expect to happen when they click on it.

Honesty pays

Resist the temptation to trick people into clicking on your ad. If you do, their first impression of your business will be that you’re not to be trusted and their visit to your site will be pointless. You’ll just end up with distorted click-through stats and a bad reputation.


Depending on where you’ve chosen to place a particular banner ad, it might be best to use it purely for a direct link to one specific product or offer rather than to advertise the whole business name. For example, place an ad for fish food on an aquarist supplies site rather than an ad which names your business as a general pet food wholesaler.

Audience participation

Whilst it’s important not to go too overboard, interactive banners can work well. Once again, test them against your metrics to see how effective they are.

Size matters

Finally, don’t go mad with huge, overwhelming banners. Aim for a file size of less than 15KB.

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