Top 4 Technologies that Help Modern Small Businesses

In the United States, more than 20 million small businesses battle with large corporations for customers. While these small businesses do not have the same financial backing as Fortune 500 companies do, they have been able to successfully use technology to level the playing field. The following are four advances in technology that are giving a boost to small businesses.

Cloud Technology

There are many front office tasks that require a lot of man hours and energy, especially if files, spreadsheets, and calendars are in paper form. Balancing all of this information while staying organized can be a challenge. A small law firm for example may be dealing with a case pertaining to oil and gas law. Manually reviewing files and searching for client history can be time-consuming in cases like these. Cloud technology allows small law firms as well as other small businesses the ability to access the information they need instantly.

Use a Cellular Phone to Manage Your Business

When businesses went from old-fashioned registers and pen and ink invoices to using POS stations, the retail world was revolutionized. Small businesses have had a hard time keeping up because of the expense associated with purchasing a POS station. Now, with smartphones and tablets, every small business and sole proprietor can have a point of sale station in the palm of their hands.

Cell phones and tablets are also an excellent way for businesses that use software like those provided by companies like Steton Technology Group to monitor inventory, confirm that compliance programs are being adapted in different stores, cooperate with field operators about compliance, delivery, and urgent directives and at the same time minimize errors.

Own Your Online Presence

Many businesses are branding themselves using social media. The problem with social media is that the business does not own the platform. A solution to this is for small businesses to invest in a webpage. Not having a website, or having a website that looks old or dated, is a sure-fire way to inhibit growth. It is best to have a website that is responsive, meaning that it will work well on mobile devices.

Accepting Mobile Payments

Paying with cash and swiping a card are quickly becoming things of the past. Now customers expect to be able to go to their favorite restaurant and simply touch a button on their mobile device or wave their mobile device over-the-counter to pay for services. Businesses that wish to stay competitive in the future must integrate this technology into their services.

The world of technology is rapidly changing. There are very few places where this change is seen as much as in small- to medium-sized businesses. Business owners who take advantage of this change will be able to successfully compete in the future's market place.


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