Trends and Strategies for Effective Marketing in 2014

Marketing remains a challenging industry where everyone is constantly finding new ways to reach the public. Methodologies and techniques must not only successfully get someone to glance at a presentation, but to also engage in a call to action. However, digital marketing has limitless opportunities from the technologies used to display content to the platforms that perform the actual advertising. Though considered cost-effective, digital marketing campaigns must be carefully planned, executed and managed.

Reported Marketing Trends

Surveys indicate that more than 90% of smartphone owners keep the device within reach 24 hours everyday, which provides the perfect platform for focusing campaigns. Using the concept of targeted marketing and GPS technology, advertisers have the ability to reach consumers via mobile devices whether they are sitting at home, at the office or on a DC to NYC bus. Reaching consumers using mobile devices involves targeting areas where people spend time. Millions around the world regularly use some form of social media at least once during the day. Considering this fact, more than 93% or marketing managers make social sites an important part of their campaigns. In addition to Facebook and Twitter, there are now more than one dozen social sites. More emerge every year.

Along with social sites, mobile device apps featuring feeds that represent businesses, merchants and services are also continually on the rise. The customized, information-filled platforms help consumers make targeted searches according to individual needs. Not unlike photographs, videos convey messages exponentially more effectively than text. Implementing videos into marketing campaigns is also becoming more of the norm. In addition to YouTube, many other social sites now include video platform options.

Marketing Strategies

Digital media marketing is relatively low cost, offers numerous options and is readily accessible by both the businesses and consumers. By sending emails or newsletters, offering ebooks, podcasts or blogs, businesses reach out to people and encourage an open line of communication. Using these techniques, media managers may initially attract attention by offering content that is entertaining, portrays someone as an expert on a particular topic or solves a problem. Successful marketing also requires that efforts target the right demographic. Whether creating an advertisement for a specific region, or have a business or product that best serves a particular client, there are strategies for every audience.

Marketing analysts believe that the future of successful campaigns requires using conventional and social tools to establish relationships with consumers rather than merely trying to appeal to audiences. Social media provides a greater likelihood of connecting with particular demographics of people while striving to building communities. These communities, in turn, help promote a brand, product or service. In effect, by injecting media onto social networks, businesses rely on the potential that the word of mouth will serve as a means of free advertisement. These networks also offer immediate feedback by encouraging two-way communication. Many sites offer visitors the chance to offer on-the-spot commentation, which provides businesses with valuable insight needed to make improvements, expand or continue on a current path.

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