Use an Integrated Marketing Strategy for the Best ROI on your Brand

Integrated Marketing for Your Brand Image

Maximize your brands potential by integrating your branding on a variety of channels. Successful branding gives potential customers a vibe for what your product or service is all about. It is this image that they will refer to when they talk about you. This image will also decide how much your worth, how reliable you are and how memorable and successful you will become.

To utilize Integrated Marketing for your brand image, you need to understand the general meaning of marketing. Marketing is how you communicate to potential customers the value of your product or service, with the goal of making a profit. Marketing communicates the value of your product or service. Integrated Marketing is the use of constant brand messaging across conventional and non-conventional marketing media, applying different promotional techniques to complement each other. Consistency or rather being unswerving with your marketing message is very important in ensuring that potential clients understand what you are trying to put across to them.

Brand Imaging on the other hand, is the process of creating a strong positive impression among consumers via promotions and advertising campaigns and allowing them to have the first-hand experience of the products or services you are marketing. The brand image is the image that you have created in the customers’ minds through your marketing techniques. Brand imaging is not an overnight job but a gradual process that requires thorough market research, feasibility studies and a holistic approach. A combination of integrated marketing and brand imaging creates a very powerful marketing approach that can have great returns on investment.

There are several components of integrated marketing including advertising, internet marketing, direct marketing, organizational culture, trade shows, promotions, public relations, corporate social responsibility, and corporate philanthropy, sales & customer care and the Four P’s (Pricing, Product, Promotion, and Place). Maximizing these components will lead to generous returns on your investment and at the same time establish your brand as the major product or service in these very competitive markets. You should be in a position to establish how to weave these major components together for an effective marketing and brand imaging campaign. Using these components together will have an immense impact on your brand image campaign rather than using them individually.

For a successful integrated marketing for your brand image campaign, you need to understand the importance of integration in modern-day marketing. Advancement in technology has changed how businesses interact and how deals are concluded. Traditional marketing methods are not enough for a successful campaign, as competition among businesses has become stiff. Integration has brought about aspects such as search marketing, aggregation of information & services and improved accessibility for customers. Whenever a potential consumer intends to buy a product or obtain a service, he or she will search online for the best available offer. This is where search marketing comes in. With the aggregation of information & services, the consumers are able to provide feedback and the seller is able to act on received feedback and provide the necessary services or products. Clients are also able to access products and services at their own convenience thereby making the whole concept flexible.

The advancement of technology has made it necessary for every serious businessperson to employ integrated marketing communication as a way of brand imaging. It is imperative that you use Integrated Marketing for your Brand Image.


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