Using Social Media As An Effective Project Management Tool

Project management, to be effective, requires a lot of communication and team collaboration. A project’s success relies on the value of the team’s communications, and if the message isn’t getting through, tasks can be delayed, costs can go over budget, and schedules can slip. Because project management requires good communication, it behooves project managers and team members to utilize tools which can give them the greatest efficiencies along with seamless functioning. Fortunately, the ubiquity of social media has provided companies with these tools practically for free, and teams are now seeing the benefits of adding these tools to their communications mix. Here are some ways that social media is giving a big boost to project management.


The core purpose of social media is to improve communications between people, and they excel at doing so for both personal and professional reasons. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus offer a host of different ways to stay in touch, including options for both individual and groups communications. With an estimated 90% of a project manager’s time being spent on communications, it’s no wonder that better tools can be a boon for business.


With a better system of communication in place, teams are certain to benefit from better collaboration as well. When working complex projects with various tasks, team members, and schedule constraints, it’s imperative for everyone to be on the same page. A social media expert with a Brandeis Project Management Master's degree says social media ensures that online communication is both simple and ongoing. Email is a useful tool, but social media enhances the experience of collaboration by allowing users to see postings of project materials, to exchange documents more easily over networks, and to work together to complete tasks online.

Greater Efficiencies

Another critical part of project management is seeking out methods to improve processes. Process improvement is a continuous, iterative process that requires team members and management alike to always be looking for ways to complete tasks quicker and cheaper. Social media has lived up to the hype here as it gives teams a remarkably useful tool for communications with barely any costs involved. Just a few decades ago a long-distance phone call, especially international, was considered to be both expensive and inconvenient for everyone involved due to different time zones. Today, social media allows for instantaneous communications that are also passive in nature, meaning that messages can be sent, checked, and then replied to at any time. These systems provide for much greater efficiency in countless ways, and they’re now essential tools for project managers and teams to have at their disposal.

Social media is widely acclaimed for its personal use, but its use in business is just as significant. For those who haven’t yet incorporated social media into their workflows and communications plans, it’s never too late to start using it and getting the hang of how best to use social media to suit the needs of the project and the company.

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Emma Sturgis

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