Using Twitter To Generate New Leads

Twitter tweets allow your company to discover new information when you check your timeline. The real value of Twitter for your company is absorbing real-time information. The tweets that other’s contributed help you to evaluate what interests your clients’.

Check your Twitter account often paying close attention to what is happening. Follow the links from other tweets viewing the photos and videos they have posted. Read the profiles of other users mentioned in tweets and tweets related to hash tag (#) keywords. Use the hovercard to display the pop-up box that contains information about the user.

Build your own voice on Twitter using information contained in other’s tweets. Be active on Twitter by retweeting messages and replying to tweets you found interesting. If your company is new to Twitter other’s will find your messages when you retweet and reply to other members.

Start tweeting your own messages. Mentions other members by their Twitter name followed by the @ sign. This will draw new users to your messages and a possibility of starting a new conversation. Follow others tweet, find and read messages, and retweet interesting tweets.

Once you are familiar with Twitter and others begin to follow you, consider exploring the site’s more advanced features. These features include lists, direct messages, and favorites. Learn how to include photos or videos in your own Tweets. Connect Twitter to your blog account, Facebook, and website. One-way to gain followers is by regularly engaging and contributing to the Tweets.

There are three ways to find people on Twitter. Go to the “Find People” on the top of your Twitter page. From there you may browse accounts by subject, import your address book contacts to find out which friends are already on Twitter, and search one-by-one for people or groups of interest.

Use Twitter to Announce Your New Product:

Once you learn the basics of Twitter and have a list of followers it is possible to use Twitter to help promote your website, affiliate program, blogs and articles. On Twitter it is necessary to preannounce your new product, website, or blog. Send out a Tweet to your followers, announcing that you are working on a quality piece that will make a real difference to them. When you preannounce your new product or service you are priming your audience. Remember, whatever affiliate product you are promoting had better be relevant. Make your content fit your audience’s needs otherwise you will lose credibility and your Tweets will go unnoticed.

Second Announce Before Your Publication:

The next step before publication is to tweet another announce. This time you offer the title and when they can expect it to publish. You are building up the expectation and getting people ready for your new content.

Announce New Publications:

Announce your new publication as soon as you have published it. This is a simple Tweet which announces the event and supplies the link to your content. In this Tweet do not announce any affiliate product your article or blog post should do this for you. A Twitter promotion is incredibly powerful to announce affiliate products and build a wave of customer traffic.

Encourage Your Follows to Retweet Your Messages:

Encourage your followers’ to retweet your message. If your new content is good your followers will normally retweet. Remember, it does not hurt to ask them to retweet your message. Use courtesies when someone answers your Tweet and thank them.

Use Twitter to Find New Products:

Twitter is a tool to use when looking for new products to promote. Use the tweets to find the seeds for your new products and after, promote it on Twitter. Follow others tweet and see what they tweet about. Use what you learn to find new products such as diets, health and fitness. You are working off what people are already tweeting about and just taking advantage of their existing conversation.

Another feature of Twitter is finding top Tweets. Top Tweets have caught the attention of others. Top Tweets will refresh automatically and display based on popularly and the sites algorithm. You can quickly find the tweets that other are finding interesting. Top tweets are a valuable tool for your company. They offer insight to your client’s interests and your company.

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