Video Blog Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

We are already feeling the holiday spirit and there is nothing we want more than to be effective marketers, not only consumers. After starting out my online business a month ago, I have applied all that I’ve learned from my mentors in video blogging. And now, I think it’s worthy of sharing all my thoughts to all of you.

1. Responsible marketing

Most people have maximized the use of the internet to promote their business. If you’ve just started a business and want to do the right advertising, remember that educating consumers and doing responsible marketing are the first basic rules before anything else. You can easily shoot a video to be more effective, but first, you have to write down your purpose. If your purpose is to only make money, then you have to rethink everything and start from scratch. My business is about selling women’s clothes and my purpose is to make women feel beautiful and special without having to go through silly activities of losing weight. My priority is to create an impact to people while becoming credible in marketing. I do not value money because I want people to remember me as someone who can educate and take ownership of all my products. I recommend that you become like that as well. Expanding your network will always start from your credibility.

2. Mastering your target market

If you know how to look for your target market, you know how to address all their problems and concerns. This is not all about looking for them literally; this is about finding out what makes them awake every night because of their everyday problems. If you know their problems, you can create better solutions through your product or service. Once you have learned about your target market, it is best to sketch a plan to program your product in such a way that it can be worked out with your niche.

3. Launching your video blog website

Launching your blog may sound hard, but you just have to choose a perfect domain name which fits your personality, brand and topic. Afterwards, consider using an exceptional web host such as Wordpress. If you have made this successfully, you can already install themes and plug-ins to complement your video blogging site. It is also highly recommended that you install Google Analytics so that you can monitor your traffic and target market.

Make sure that your pictures can easily catch attention and will not be a dull website because of less use of colors. On the other hand, too much color can also hurt your website visitors’ eyes, so make it simple yet catchy.

4. Creating your video blog content

Since you are in the verge of building your website, make sure that your detailed video blog content must be short but effective. Always make sure that you are educating them, not forcing them to buy your products.

5. Establishing your brand through video blogging

Your videos must use great lighting, audio and video quality. Do not settle for less. You can simply use an old digital camera, as long as you will be able to make a catchy and short video for your brand. Your editing skills will also speak for you, so be careful and mindful; too much video effects can be very uninteresting.

Photo credits to Little Green Cars.



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Video Blog Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

We are already feeling the holiday spirit and there is nothing we want more than to be effective marketers, not only consumers. After starting out my online business a month ago, I have applied all that I’ve learned from my mentors in video blogging. And now, I think it’s worthy of shar ... ...

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