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Companies are constantly looking for new marketing ideas. The Internet is changing and new trends are presenting themselves every day. This forces companies’ to review their marketing techniques. Companies’ need to apply new tactics for reaching out to new audiences’. Video marketing is emerging and recently showed itself an effective way for business to promote their products.

Video marketing deals with two fields, one making a video for marketing purposes, and two marketing an existing video. Videos’ produced to market a new product or service. Once the videos’ produced the next task is to deliver the video in the most effective manor so it reaches the audience attended.

One distribution strategy for marketing your video is YouTube. The website allows viewing by a vast number of people. Just having your video viewed by a large audience is not enough. Marketing is important so your video reaches the select audience its intended for. The product you are promoting with this video is for a select audience. When the select audience views your video; will entice them to visit your website. The video creates brand awareness for your audience and promotion for your product. Video marketing is just as important as back linking for reaching your audience.

For video marketing to be effective your business needs a marketing strategy. Bad management in marketing your video means loss of revenues for your company. The intended audience will never see your video. To see results from your video the intended audience has to view it. Consider video marketing for:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Engage with Social Media
  • Gain back links to your website
  • Larger Audience

To get the exposure for you brand. Post your video on social media websites such as Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. This will increase your videos’ exposure. These website incorporate the use of video media. Your brand receives greater exposure and promotion.

Social media networks disclose your product to a new audience. Allowing you to interact with your audience and promote your product. Videos attract new viewers, awareness, sales, and traffic to your site.

Videos’ visual contact proves to have more impact on your audience when promoting a new product. When promoting a new product carefully plan your video marketing campaign. It is important to have people hear about your new product. The campaign if promoted effectively increases exposure to your company, traffic to your site, and increased sales.

Google and Yahoo now display articles, images, and video contents in their search results. Inserting video files as part of web contents helps improve traffic to your site.

Video marketing studies performed by TubeMogual focused on the effectiveness of watching video online. The social networks included in the study were Facebook, YouTube, Digg, and Twitter. Studying time spent watching videos found Twitter more efficient way to market the video. The average watching time a video showed that Twitter watchers spent more time watching videos.

Twitter found that users follow like-minded people. When a video link posts on Twitter which proves interesting more people watch the video. The video receives more comments and interests. Twitter uses post videos with short introductions. Giving others an idea what the video is about. People only choose videos of interest by following tweets. Twitter is a valuable website for video marketing. One simple Tweet can be the most effective social media distribution tool for your video.

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