What are the Four Key Points to Branding?

Branding means more than your company’s logo, image and company’s name. Branding is your customer’s experience with your products and services. Over time your company builds its brand through customer perception of your products. Your brand is your company’s name. If your brand receives negative recognition so does your company. To achieve higher branding recognition, follow these four steps to brand your company.

1. Focus your brand on one significant key element.

When you think of Dole what do you think of? Yes pineapples. Dole has focused on being the one thing to all people by focusing on a single clear message. On the other hand Mercedes-Benz owns the “Engineering” in the car industry. Why? For decades, Mercedes-Benz has focused on one single message. Your brand needs to focus on a single message to succeed and stick in the minds of your clients.

2. Consistency is the key to a popular brand.

Being consistent in your presentation will ensure your company that your customer’s recognize you. Therefore, be consistent with your logos, visual elements, message, tone, advertising copy, and taglines. Coco-Cola is the most recognized brand in the world because they haven’t changed their brand in years. Another popular brand name that is highly recognized is Apple Computers. Therefore, it is important that your brochures, website, direct mail, and advertising, to convey the same feeling and message.

3. When portraying your message make it relevant.

Understanding your audience and how to speak with them is important to your brand. Another important aspect of your brand is to only sell what your customers need. When portraying your message keep your message about your customers and not you.

4. Use a strong offer to motivate your clients.

To motivate your client’s into buying your product use a strong offer. Remember, you want your customer’s to remember you and buy from you. Your advertising copy needs to move your clients and make them take action. Make your offer strong to give your client’s reason to buy from you. Furthermore, make your offer clear and appropriate for your brand name.

Remember, every time a customer comes in contact with your brand name they will either have a positive or negative impression. The experiences your customer’s receive today will affect your brand tomorrow. Therefore, the experiences your customer has today is recalled tomorrow when it comes time to purchase your products. How do you want your brand to be remembered when it comes time for your customer to buy your products? Start today by building a positive impression of your brand and don’t stop. Once you build your brand work on it everyday and do whatever it takes to keep your positive brand in the eyes of your clients.

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