What is Google Remarketing?

What do you think about the idea that you can continue advertising your product to a potential buyer even when they are not on your website? Is it possible to display that ad anywhere on the Internet, including YouTube and CNN, and reach a potential buyer? If you think you cannot track a buyer who once visited your website and was perhaps interested in your product but didn't buy, then Google Remarketing is an ideal solution for you.

Google Remarketing knows which products and services certain consumers are looking for on your site. Google knows exactly who that person is and it will continue to show them your advertisement even after they leave your site. The goal is to plant the product in your customer’s subconscious through constant repetition. The best part is that you don’t have to do any additional work to make this happen!

This kind of advertising can be easily adjusted to different commercials, devices, and consumers’ searching methods. There are several types of Google Remarketing:

  1. Standard remarketing shows ads to your previous visitors during their Internet surfing and browsing.
  2. Dynamic remarketing shows dynamic ads about goods and services your potential customers viewed on your site.
  3. Remarketing for mobile applications allows display advertisements on websites or applications on mobile phones.
  4. Remarketing list for search advertisements refers to display advertisements on Google's search pages.
  5. Video remarketing displays your ads on YouTube pages or on YouTube videos.

Each of these types is suitable for different advertising campaigns. Choosing the right type depends on the advertiser and the appearance and type of ads. Today, dynamic remarketing is the most popular among advertisers.

Benefits of Google Remarketing

The fact is that 98% of internet users who visit a site at any time eventually leave that site without making a purchase. People are however more likely to buy a product if they see the product over and over again. That is human psychology.

In addition, Google Remarketing is able to reach out to customers when they are most likely to make a purchase and it covers a huge-scale market. Remarketing lists can be customized to your predefined objectives for advertising. Moreover, it enables you to have convenient and cost-effective advertising campaign, including the possibility to see where your ad appears and at what price.

In conclusion, the fact is that remarketing is becoming more and more popular due to fast Internet development. In the future, it will become an extremely powerful tool in the hands of someone who knows how to use it effectively. In my opinion, every online advertiser should be familiar with basic features of Google Remarketing.


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