Your 5 Point Mobile Marketing Checklist

The mobile landscape is constantly changing; here’s how to keep your mobile marketing strategy on-track for the rest of 2014.

Social media is mobile

Heads-up folks; social media use on mobiles is changing. Marketers must now be aware that social networks have now begun to aggressively push their advertising products and brand reach across the platforms has decreased. Twelve months ago, if you had 1,000 fans on Facebook and posted a photo on your timeline, you could bet that more than half your audience would view it. Now, that figure is down to as little as 10%. As a consequence, brands now have to pay for their exposure.

Facebook now offers an App Install” ad unit enabling users to promote their apps and increase their user base and this is specifically aimed at mobile. Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest all offer something similar for their sites.

Mobile banner ads

This is another area of change. There is now more than one type of mobile banner ad offering advertisers different opportunities.

In-app interstitial ads are now becoming more popular. This format is activated by actions within the app presenting the user with a half or full screen interstitial that supports rich media. This offers much greater scope for engagement than the traditional type of banner ad. Now there are options for filmstrip banners and full page flex banners too; both of which permit rich content and videos all included in the banner.

Whilst traditional mobile banner ads offer the marketer the greatest reach as they are supported by over 300 mobile networks, the new formats also offer a whole new world of options.

Mobile video

Larger screens and fast devices make watching video on the smartphone an enjoyable experience and consequently the popularity of mobile video advertising has grown. This relatively new opportunity permits brands to advertise using pre-roll, interstitials and even long-form video for their ads.

Social media plays its part here too with Facebook and Twitter both allowing videos to be played within their apps. Facebook and some third-party Twitter clients have also enabled auto-play allowing your video to play automatically, without sound, on mobile devices. Vine and Instagram have also made it much easier to create and share video on mobiles and creative marketers are taking full advantage of this.

Mobile native ads

Mobile native ads are gaining popularity all the time and it’s already standard on social media; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have native ad products.

To take advantage of native, you need to understand the publisher’s audience and tailor your campaign to that audience.

Content syndication

Until recently, marketers could use social media organically to build an audience but things have changed now. The average life of a tweet is just 8 – 19 minutes and Facebook and LinkedIn have changed their algorithms for organic posts meaning that advertisers now have to pay the high CPCs for “promoted” posts in order to reach their audience. Content syndication offers an alternative.

Use services like Gravity or Taboola to share your content on publisher sites on their networks and you’ll get more scale at a much cheaper price. To maximise content syndication, your site needs to be responsive so that the content fits the mobile screen properly. If it’s easily read, users are more likely to share your content across social media or email. Many businesses have seen their site traffic and downloads increase significantly following a switch to content syndication.

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